Sensual grace in a collection of black and white images
Sensual grace in a collection of black and white images
Sensual shot by Boris Ovini

Frenchman Boris Ovini is a talented photographer who has dedicated his life to photographing women. Incredibly sensual, languid girls, collected in an elegant collection of black and white pictures, conveying all the sophistication and sexuality of the fair sex.

Listening to the silence In the darkness of the senses A silent masterpiece Thrills

Boris Owini (Boris Ovini) - Works in the fashion industry with the French editions Plastique, Exhbition and Vanity Fair Poster. The talented photographer devoted his whole life to shooting women in different images and genres., says Owini about her work.

Smoke from cigarettes Silence is wonderful Femininity in everything A languid image

, says Boris.

My illusion Waiting minutes You were promised to me

No less sensual and erotic works can be seen at the photographer Carsten witte… On the one hand, these are photographs taken according to all the canons of fashion-style, but on the other, they are masterpieces of eroticism, frankness and openness of feelings.

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