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5 historical figures who "gave" their names to objects and dishes
5 historical figures who "gave" their names to objects and dishes
Queen of Italy Margarita of Savoy and the pizza named after her

As a rule, when ordering a particular dish in a restaurant, or looking at various architectural structures, a person does not think why they are so named. This overview presents dishes and items that have been named after famous personalities.


French diplomat Jean Wilhelm Nico

In the 16th century, Jean Wilhelm Nico was the French ambassador to Portugal. He did not fulfill the mission entrusted to him to marry Princess Marguerite de Valois to King Sebastian of Portugal, but managed to become famous for another reason. The diplomat brought snuff. Catherine de Medici liked the novelty, so soon the courtiers, and then the whole of Paris, sniffed the tobacco. The tobacco was named Nicotiana. Nicotine itself was discovered only in the 19th century. Chemists named it after the Frenchman who "made" the whole of France sniff tobacco.


Italian painter Vittore Carpaccio and a raw beef fillet dish named after him

The dish of raw beef fillet got its name in honor of the Italian painter Vittore Carpaccio, who worked in the 15th century. His paintings were distinguished by a riot of colors. Several centuries later, in 1950, an exhibition of paintings by this artist was held in Venice. At the same time, chef Giuseppe Cipriani served a new dish for Countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo, who was forbidden by doctors to eat boiled and fried meat at the famous restaurant "Harry's Bar". Cipriani prepared thinly sliced ​​pieces of beef fillet, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice and garnished with arugula, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Such a number of red shades prompted the chefs to name the dish after the painter - carpaccio.

Pizza Margarita

Queen of Italy Margarita of Savoy and the pizza named after her

In 1889, the Italian king Umberto I and his wife Margarita Savoyskaya were on vacation in Naples. One day they got the idea to try what the people ate. Well, at that time pizza was considered the most universal food of common people. The royal chef was at a loss, so the owner of the best pizzeria in the city, Rafaelo Esposito, was brought into the kitchen. He made two traditional pizzas and one special one with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil leaves. It was the third pizza, which matched the colors of the Italian flag, that the queen liked the most. Therefore, without hesitation, Rafaelo Esposito called his creation "Pizza Margarita".


François Mansart is a 17th century French architect

Francois Mansart was considered one of the famous architects of his time. He erected houses in the traditional Baroque style of the 17th century, but at the same time he constantly rebuilt, striving for perfection. It was to François Mansard that the idea came to mind - to insert windows directly under the roof. Thus, the attic eventually turned into a dwelling, but taxes were not levied on it (as for an inferior floor). And such an attic began to be called an attic.

Champagne Hemingway

The writer Ernest Hemingway and his cocktail

Love Ernest Hemingway everyone knows about alcohol. In every city where the writer stayed, there is sure to be an institution that positions itself as “Pope Ernesto's favorite bar”. While drinking cocktails, Hemingway came up with a recipe for his drink, which he christened as "Death at Noon." This is a champagne that contains absinthe. The main thing in the preparation of this drink was not to lose sparkling. "Champagne Hemingway" was far from the only on the list of his favorite "strong" drinks.

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