Environmental Art: Images of Waterfalls by Japanese Artist Hiroshi Senju
Environmental Art: Images of Waterfalls by Japanese Artist Hiroshi Senju
One of the works of Hiroshi Senju

Japanese artist Hiroshi Senju (Hiroshi senju) is not only inspired by the beauties of nature, but also borrows working materials from her. Senju uses natural mineral pigments found in rocks, corals and shells to create paintings depicting scenic waterfalls.

Eco-friendly waterfall from Hiroshi Senju

To create unique shades of paint, Senju grinds stones, shells, and other raw materials into a powder, and then adds a little glue. Having dipped a brush into the resulting mass, he paints his landscapes on paper, made of mulberry tree according to the old Japanese tradition. Senju's technique is in keeping with the traditions of medieval Japanese painting schools. nihonga… The technology of using natural materials to create paintings was invented about a thousand years ago.

Painting in the nihonga tradition

Waterfalls have served as a constant source of inspiration for Senju throughout his twenty-year career. His large-scale paintings sometimes occupy entire walls in museums and galleries, and viewers may have the feeling that they suddenly found themselves in the lap of nature. Senju himself states: "With paint drips I do not create a copy or an illusion, but a real waterfall."

One of the Senju waterfalls

Majestic Niagara Falls or unique australian horizontal waterfalls do not cease to amaze both ordinary tourists and artists. Working in principle only with natural materials, Hiroshi Senju does not just create a "copy of nature" - but, as it were, reclaims several square meters of space from nature right in the middle of the museum of modern art.

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