Intimidation will not work! Pink flash mob in Vancouver
Intimidation will not work! Pink flash mob in Vancouver
Intimidation will not work! Flashmob in Vancouver

Bullying in schools - a social evil that everyone faced - either indifferently observing from the side, or viciously trampling on the weak, or trying to protect someone, or, sadly, being a victim. However, the further, the more people believe that this should not be - therefore in America anti-bullying in schools, universities, at work has recently become a serious social task. Lawyers, psychologists and politicians are trying to solve it - but ordinary people can also help. For example, Canadian schoolchildren gathered for flash mob against bullying.

Flash mob against bullying: still calm at Oakridge Center

January 27 in a Canadian city Vancouver, in the mall Oakridge Center, it was, as always, crowded and noisy - an ordinary day filled with shopping and the simple joys of life. True, many of those present looked around with some mischief, as if they were thinking of something. In fact, it was so. The most ordinary young people were waiting for a signal, and it was given by a girl who, dropping her jacket right on the floor, remained in pink t-shirt… And - she began to dance.

Flash Mob Against Bullying: First Go

Alone, she did not dance for long. A few seconds later, another guy joined her, and then another - it went exponentially, until the number of dancers reached 300… The high level of coherence, consistency and class of dance training can be easily explained if you pay attention to the characteristic Asian eyes of most mobbers. This is probably the face of today's Canadian high school.

Flash Mob Against Bullying: Mass Dances

It would seem, is it fashionable to surprise the world community, which has seen flash mobs, with a dance in pink T-shirts, albeit so beautifully performed? It is possible, if the idea embedded in it is so demanded by society. Mette hamaguchi, pupil David Lloyd George School, the mastermind and author of the flash mob, launched an action to protest against bullying, intimidation and discrimination. And pink T-shirts for a reason: it was a message against homophobia. With their dance, children drew attention to International Day against Bullying (I repeat, January 27).

Flash mob against bullying: 300 dancers

It should be noted that they completed the task. The video seems to go viral and is quickly taking over the Internet; in particular, it was posted by the famous overseas blogger, rumor collector Perez Hilton… Many human rights defenders in America have expressed gratitude to schoolchildren for their act of citizenship (it's nice that not only grandmothers can express this). And we, in a distant snow-covered country, should also take a closer look around and prevent bullying and intimidation - even if not going to flash mobs for this.

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