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Where and how the most popular New Year and Christmas sweets are created
Where and how the most popular New Year and Christmas sweets are created

Since childhood, we associate New Year and Christmas holidays with long vacations, gifts and an abundance of sweets. The cherished colorful box with various sweets was expected as a real miracle. Today, confectionery factories offer not only a huge assortment of gifts, but immersion in a real chocolate fairy tale, where they give sweets and New Year's impressions.

Hammond's Candies

Hammond sweets have been produced since 1920

Hammond's Candies in Denver was opened in 1920 as a small family business, and today it is a large confectionery factory, and its products are popular and loved all over the world. The company did not stop producing sweets during the Second World War and the Great Depression, and in 1995 it already became a national brand. At first, the creator of the factory, Karl Hammond, developed the recipe himself and himself was engaged in the sale of his creations. When he thought about expanding the business and supplying flavored candies to Europe, he had to hire additional staff.

Hammond's Candies products All sweets are made by hand

Much has changed here in almost a hundred years, but even today Hammond sweets are made by hand from start to finish. Everyone can visit the excursion and see with their own eyes how a real sweet miracle is made and learn the history of the confectionery favorite. Visitors to the factory can see firsthand how their favorite sweets are drawn, rolled and hand-wrapped. To be able to view the process in all its details, large screens are installed everywhere.

Butlers Chocolates

Butlers Chocolates

This company was founded in Dublin in 1932 by Marion Butler, who named her masterpieces Chez Nous Chocolates. She created her creations by hand until 1959, after she sold the chocolate factory to Seamus Sorens, who continued the tradition of making quality chocolate.

During the excursion to Butlers Chocolates

Today, the company employs more than 400 workers, and during the Christmas holidays, Butlers Chocolates invited all chocolate lovers to attend a special Christmas tour, where everyone could see how the ingredients of a sweet treat are transformed into boxes of luxurious chocolates, chocolate Santa Clauses. Real masters created bars and butter fudge, aromatic toffee and branded hot chocolate in front of the audience. During the excursion, one could taste works of confectionery art, watch a special film, visit a real chocolate museum and decorate a Santa's chocolate figurine with strips of liquid chocolate and chocolate flakes, then take it home in a bright packaging with a ribbon.

Lectar Museum in Slovenia

In the bakery museum

Slovenian bakers have transformed honey dough into beautiful biscuits for centuries. It is often compared to New Year's gingerbread, but in fact, it has its own original honey flavor. If you go down the steps to the basement, then in the museum-bakery in the city of Radovlitsa you can learn everything about the traditions of making this almost New Year's and bright cookies, and also taste it.

In the bakery museum

From the very moment a visitor crosses the threshold of the bakery, he does not leave the feeling of a holiday: masters in national costumes and a lot of cookies decorated with multi-colored glaze, which just asks for a New Year tree.

Confectionery Concern Babaevsky

Chocolate Santa Claus

It was at the confectionery factory of the Abrikosovs, which after the revolution was named after the head of the Sokolniki District Executive Committee, Pyotr Babayev, that the first chocolate figurines were first produced in the 19th century.Then it was fashionable to come to visit with sweet gifts: the ladies were offered candied fruits in an elegant box, and the children were treated to chocolate bunnies and ducks. On the eve of the 1917 revolution, the production of classic chocolate Santa Clauses was launched.

Production of "Babaevsky Confectionery Concern" The legendary Babaevsky chocolate

Today you can visit not only the Museum of the History of Chocolate and Cocoa of the Babaevsky Confectionery Concern, but also see with your own eyes how your favorite sweets are made at the legendary factories Babaevsky and Krasny Oktyabr, and also taste chocolate masterpieces that have barely rolled off the assembly line. True, to get on a delicious excursion, you need to sign up in advance, since there are always a lot of people who want to get acquainted with the secrets of making sweets of famous brands.

The Hershey Company

The chocolate world of Hershey

The American confectionery company, knowing how popular its products are, has opened an entire park, where guests will find numerous attractions and entertainment. Nevertheless, the excursion to the production is of particular interest, where you can see with your own eyes all the stages of making chocolate. True, the excursion tour is organized as an entertaining one, and no one will let guests into the workshops themselves, so that no one could reveal the commercial secret of the production of popular sweets.

The chocolate world of Hershey

However, during the tour, you can see the real production machines and feel the incredible aroma of chocolate. And immediately after the excursion, guests go directly to the company's store, where it is absolutely impossible to resist buying more and more chocolate gifts.

Celebration of Christmas and New Year in different countries has its own characteristics and traditions. This also applies to the main participant of these holidays - Santa Claus. In each country, he is his own, special, and his name is different. The most famous are Grandfather Frost and Santa Claus.

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