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Total Recall: Former wives of Hollywood celebrities who were forgotten after the divorce
Total Recall: Former wives of Hollywood celebrities who were forgotten after the divorce
Forgotten wives of Hollywood celebrities

Very often in a creative environment, marriages are short-lived. Celebrity wives themselves bathed in the glory of their famous husbands, and after the divorce were forgotten. Their fates developed in different ways: some find their happiness in a new family, others seek consolation in a profession. But journalists have long ceased to be interested in their life, giving preference to the new companions of the stars.

Christine Taylor

Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller

The actress was married to Ben Stiller from 2000 to 2017. During this time, she managed to star in many projects of her husband, who not only plays roles in films, but also acts as a director, screenwriter and producer. Even before the divorce, Christine could not be called a star of the first magnitude, and a divorce from an eminent spouse is unlikely to have a positive effect on her career.

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage

The actress has always acted in films a lot, however, the roles were not too significant. At the peak of popularity, Patricia Arquette was after she married Nicolas Cage in 1995. Their marriage lasted six years. For a while, the actress still held the public's attention thanks to her roles. After playing Allison Dubois in the TV series "Medium", the actress received an Emmy, but after that her career clearly began to decline.

Patricia Arquette

After her divorce from Nicolas Cage, the actress was married to Thomas Jane, from whom she gave birth to a daughter. Today, she is romantically involved with artist Eric White and does not intend to lose heart. She is engaged in social activities, defending the rights of women and socially disadvantaged people, at the same time urging not to blindly follow artificial standards.

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Thalia Bolsam

Talia Balsam and George Clooney

The actress's finest hour was her marriage to George Clooney, whose marriage lasted only four years, but brought Talia fame. Five years after her divorce from Clooney, the actress married John Slattery, with whom she is still married. But the actress does not appear on the screens too often.

Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton and James Cameron

The actress who played Sarah Connor had two star husbands. In a marriage with Bruce Abbott, a son, Dalton, was born, but the marriage broke up due to the actress's frequent depression. Linda's second husband was director James Cameron, with whom they began a relationship during the filming of Terminator 2. Judgment Day". Even before the official marriage, they had a daughter, Josephine. However, two years after the wedding, the family broke up.

Linda Hamilton

Since then, the actress lives alone with the children and continues to work. In 2019, viewers will see Linda again as Sarah Connor in Terminator 6.

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray

The star of the film "Dirty Dancing" was a hit with men. The beauty has several high-profile novels, including with Johnny Depp, Matthew Broderick and Liam Neeson, and also a marriage with Clark Gregg, from which the actress gave birth to a daughter.

Jennifer Gray

In 2010, the actress was diagnosed with a precancerous condition, finding a nodule on the thyroid gland, which was soon removed. Now Gray practically does not act in films and leads a rather secluded lifestyle.

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid

In 1991, the actress married Dennis Quaid, a real sex symbol of the 1990s. This marriage seemed indestructible, it attracted attention to the celebrity's wife also by the fact that thanks to Meg Dennis got rid of alcohol and drug addiction.The couple had a son, but the actor could not forgive his wife for flirting with Russell Crowe and filed for divorce in 2001.

Meg Ryan

Now the actress rarely pleases her fans with new roles, but she leads a very active social life. Five years after the divorce, she adopted Daisy Tru and has been in a relationship with musician John Mellencamp for 7 years.

Bridget Nielsen

Bridget Nielsen and Sylvester Stallone

The actress married Sylvester Stallone, having met him during the filming of the movie "Rocky IV". True, the passionate passion soon passed, and they divorced just two years later, in 1987. This is not to say that Bridget suffered greatly. After Stallone, she was married several times and gave birth to four children. Now the actress is already in the fifth marriage with the bartender Mattia Dessi, and in June 2018 the couple had a daughter, Frida. True, Bridget's career cannot be called successful: more and more she gets only episodic roles. For November 2018, the premiere of the film "Creed-2" was announced, where the actress again starred with Sylvester Stallone.

Gina Davis

Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum

The personal life of the actress was very unfortunate, all four of her marriages ended in divorce. Second husband Jeff Goldblum contributed a lot to the growth of Gina Davis's popularity, but their marriage lasted only 3 years. In the last marriage with Rezoya Jarrahi, three children were born, but after 17 years of marriage, the husband decided to part with the actress, and now he also demands alimony from her on the basis that he wants to arrange joint custody of the children.

After his divorce from Talia Balsam, the Hollywood heartthrob hesitated to get married for over 20 years. Only to reconsider the outlook on the future.

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