Rambo with a brush in his hands: an exhibition of works by Sylvester Stallone is taking place in St. Petersburg these days
Rambo with a brush in his hands: an exhibition of works by Sylvester Stallone is taking place in St. Petersburg these days
works of the famous Sylvester Stallone

A retrospective exhibition of the best works of the famous Sylvester Stallone has recently opened in St. Petersburg. The exhibition, which will run until mid-January, is presented in two branches of the State Russian Museum - the Mikhailovsky Castle and the Marble Palace. This is the most significant exhibition of works by a Hollywood actor and part-time artist - previously he was exhibited only in small private galleries.

One of the works of the famous actor

The works of Stallone the artist, which experts attribute to abstract art, were highly appreciated by the curators of the Russian Museum. Some critics, however, were unhappy that such a significant Russian museum accepted the work of the Hollywood actor. The organization "Communists of Petersburg", whose representatives still cannot forgive Stallone for some of his roles in cinema, also spoke disapprovingly of the exhibition. Particularly irreconcilable activists advocated the cancellation of the exhibition and promised to contact the prosecutor's office. The actor commented on the attacks in his direction calmly: "If my visit is not to someone's liking, well, so be it."

The author next to the picture

At the Sylvester Stallone. Art. 1975-2013”presents 36 works of the actor, written by him for almost a forty-year period of creativity. The last hall of the exhibition space displays paintings that Stallone specially prepared for the exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Stallone the artist surprised Petersburgers

At a press conference dedicated to the opening of the exhibition, the actor admitted that it is a great honor for him to exhibit in St. Petersburg and added that if he had a chance, he would certainly become an artist. The director of the museum, Vladimir Gusev, said about Stallone's works: “This is a real artist. This is not an amateur's occupation, but serious work that changes from an early period to a later one. This is a real, very expressive, dynamic, intense painting. Painting, which shows the temperament of a person who is not indifferent, painting is sometimes as aggressive as our world."

One of the paintings of Sylvester Stallone

The opinions of the visitors of the exhibition were divided: someone was surprised to discover a new facet of the talent of their favorite actor, someone called what was happening "an advertising trick", but there were definitely no people left indifferent.

The works of another abstractionist from the United States, Elizabeth Urabe, are no less expressive than the works of Stallone.

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