Funny and funny thimble dolls
Funny and funny thimble dolls
Dolls - thimbles

Why do our children, younger brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces grow up playing with such complex, sometimes cruel and boring toys of mass production, when we ourselves, with our own hands at home, can create something original and interesting? For example, thimble dolls.

Dressing in different images, each of our fingers plays a specific role. And since we have ten of them, we can tell whole stories and fairy tales with our pens. Thimble dolls are an amazing and wonderful gift for an interesting and entertaining pastime for kids and adults.

Abbey Christine makes dolls of famous people, including politicians, musicians and simply outstanding personalities, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Yoko Ono and John Lennon. You can play politicians and musicians, feeling yourself on top of fame.

Thimble dolls Abbey Christine Thimble dolls Abbey Christine Thimble dolls Abbey Christine

Lalootka’s Attic's recent work is simple and cute. Among the characters invented for the fingers, there are hamsters and pigs, dogs, cats and black lambs.

Lalootka's Attic dolls Lalootka's Attic dolls Lalootka's Attic dolls

Who says monsters have to be scary, which makes us shiver? The monsters created by Hannah Hoosier's creative and skillful hands for numerous nephews and for her two-year-old son are quite cute and, one might say, a little silly. Such defenseless monsters who not only will not scare the children, but will also be scared themselves.

Hannah Hoosier Monster Dolls

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