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"The Marriage of the Embalmed" and other Soviet films in which the actors were surprisingly younger
"The Marriage of the Embalmed" and other Soviet films in which the actors were surprisingly younger

Acting can do wonders. While transforming, an actor can even fulfill the dream of all people - to get 10 years younger. If now special effects are used to solve such a problem, then earlier filmmakers could rely only on makeup, skillfully exposed light and, of course, the talent of the artist. Sometimes this caused jokes from colleagues and the performers themselves. For example, Georgy Vitsin slightly corrected the title of the film, in which the difference between his age and the hero was more than 20 years.

Nadezhda Rumyantseva "Girls", "Queen of the Gas Station"

Still from the movie "Girls", 1961

Tosya Kislitsyna, a graduate of the culinary school, is only 18 years old in the story. Young Valentina Malyavina, Ekaterina Savinova and the director's wife Natalya Kustinskaya dreamed of filming in "Girls". However, some time later, Yuri Chulyukin was forced to inform his wife that the shooting was already in full swing, and in the main role was 30-year-old Nadezhda Rumyantseva. However, Nadezhda Vasilievna looked like a teenage girl all her life, and a year later she also brilliantly played the no less young “queen of the gas station”. And the girls were voiced by a beautiful actress even in old age: Rumyantseva was 59 when the main character of the film "Private detective, or operation" Cooperation "spoke in her voice.

Irina Muravyova "Carnival", "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

Still from the movie "Carnival", 1981

The film "Carnival" was released in 1982. For the role of a 17-year-old girl who went to conquer Moscow, 32-year-old Irina Muravyova was approved without tests. Tatiana Lioznova, the director of the film, categorically stated that “Indeed, the hair gathered in two ponytails and several months of a strict diet turned the actress into a recent schoolgirl. Irina Vadimovna already had a similar experience - just a couple of years before that she played Lyudmila in the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", where at the beginning of the film all three main characters are very young, although in fact the "friends" at that time were much older: Muravyova is already 30 years old, Raisa Ryazanova is 35, and Vera Alentova is 37.

Still from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", 1979

Janina Zheimo "Cinderella"

Still from the movie "Cinderella", 1947

One of the best Cinderellas in world cinema is undoubtedly the image created by Janina Zheimo in the difficult post-war years. The actress said in an interview:

The actress asked to schedule the shooting for the evening - it seemed to her that after dinner she looked fresh, and the long gloves in which Cinderella arrived at the ball, in fact, hide her hands. Little tricks helped, or Yanina Boleslavovna really owned the recipe for eternal youth, but it was this version of the old tale that for many of us still remains the most beloved.

Georgy Vitsin "The Marriage of Balzaminov"

Still from the movie "The Marriage of Balzaminov", 1964

Georgy Vitsin, it turns out, could show any actress the miracles of rejuvenation. He was born in 1917, and at the time of filming in "Gentlemen of Fortune" the actor was already 54 years old, he was older than all his partners on the site (except for Erast Garin). And at the age of 46, Georgy Mikhailovich perfectly played the young and close-minded Misha Balzaminov, who, together with his mother, dreams of a marriage of convenience. By the way, "mamma", Lyudmila Shagalova, was 6 years younger than him. After each long session of make-up, Georgy Mikhailovich joked that this film should be called "The Marriage of the Embalmed".

Natalia Tenyakova and Nina Doroshina, "Love and Doves"

Still from the movie "Love and Doves", 1984

Another pair of age-changing actresses can be seen in the movie Love and Doves. Nina Doroshina, who played Nadezhda, celebrated her 50th anniversary in the year the film was released, but her cinematic unfaithful husband, Alexander Mikhailov, and Baba Shura, Natalya Tenyakova, were exactly 10 years younger. The actress was very worried that the age difference would be noticeable, but it turned out that in vain. By the way, Lyudmila Gurchenko - the fatal homewrecker - was already quite a lot then, 49 years old, so the wonderful Russian actresses in this film once again proved that the biological age for a woman is not so important.

"Starling and Lyre", Lyubov Orlova

True, not all "rejuvenation" in Soviet cinema was successful. The star of the 40s, Lyubov Orlova, was always extremely painful about the issue of age. The actress carefully concealed any changes in her appearance and for a long time forced to expose the light on the set in order to look her best. The last film with Orlova was released in 1974. The director is the same Grigory Aleksandrov, who once lit this brightest star on the Soviet cinema skyline. However, not everything is subject to the magic of cinema. The 72-year-old actress tried in vain to play the role of a 30-year-old scout. Neither makeup, nor a veil and gloves helped, under which the heroine allegedly hid the consequences of the accident.

Still from the movie "Starling and Lyre", 1974

The shooting lasted so hard and long that his sharp-tongued colleagues managed to call him "Sclerosis and menopause." The tape never reached the audience:

"(Kushnirov, Shpagin" Twenty Years Later ")

The marriage of Orlova and Aleksandrov seemed like a real fairy tale, but life in and out of the frame was very different: What was hidden behind the facade of an ideal marriage

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