The mystery of the death of Dean Reed: What made the most popular American actor in the USSR commit suicide
The mystery of the death of Dean Reed: What made the most popular American actor in the USSR commit suicide
Actor, singer, social activist Dean Reed

September 22 to the famous American actor, singer and public figure Dinu Reid could have turned 79 years old, but in 1986 he passed away under mysterious circumstances. He was found dead in the lake near his home in Berlin, and then the body was hastily cremated. The artist was originally from Denver (USA), but because of his political views he was forced to leave there, and therefore was a welcome guest in all socialist countries. In the USSR, Dean Reed was incredibly popular.

Dean Reed in Monologue, 1971 Dean Reid

His musical career began in the United States, but Dean Reed's songs were more popular in Latin America. After several successful tours, he decided to stay in Argentina, where he recorded albums, starred in films and hosted a TV program. In addition, the artist took an active part in social and political life, speaking out against nuclear tests and the war in Vietnam. He hosted benefit concerts, participated in antiwar rallies, and criticized American politics. Because of his views, he was forced to leave Argentina, lived for some time in Italy, and then settled in the GDR.

The most popular American actor and singer in the USSR Actor, singer, social activist Dean Reed

The beliefs that made Dean Reed an unwelcome guest in his homeland ensured him a warm welcome in the USSR. He first came here in 1965, and after that he visited quite often and even gave concerts at the BAM. Dean Reed starred in films in the USSR and Eastern Europe, which were very popular with Soviet audiences, especially Westerns, where Goiko Mitic played noble Indians, and Dean Reed played honest cowboys. In the United States, he was nicknamed the Red Cowboy and Red Elvis, however, despite his leftist views, the artist did not declare himself a communist, in no country did he join the socialist party, did not renounce American citizenship and did not get tired of confessing his love to ordinary Americans.

The most popular American actor in the USSR Actor, singer, social activist Dean Reed

1979 to 1985 Dean Reid toured extensively, spoke at political rallies, acted in films and recorded discs. In 1985, a documentary film about the artist called "American Rebel" was released in the United States, after which he was invited to take part in the television show "60 Minutes". Dean Reed hoped very much that this would help his compatriots understand his position and contribute to the growth of his popularity at home. However, the authors pursued other goals, and on the screens the artist appeared as an ardent supporter of the communist regime and an opponent of "democratic values". The singer returned to Berlin in frustrated feelings.

Dean Reed in Blood Brothers, 1975 Dean Reed in Smile, the Same Age!

A month and a half after the broadcast of the 60 Minutes program, in June 1986, Dean Reed was found dead in the lake near his home. The official report stated that the death was due to an accident. According to the main version, on that day, the actor had a fight with his wife, got behind the wheel, crashed into a tree, flew out of the car, fell into the lake and drowned. However, many fans of the singer and actor doubt that it was an accident. Dean Reed's American relatives were convinced that he was killed because, after a long stay in the East, he expressed a desire to return to the West. Foreign newspapers even wrote that his murder was connected with "terrorist activities of the special services of the communist regime of the GDR."A version was also put forward that Dean Reed was recruited by the KGB, and the CIA, having learned about this, eliminated a dangerous agent.

Dean Reed

In 1986, Literaturnaya Gazeta published an interview with Dean Reed's widow, actress Renata Blume, in which she stated: "". At the same time, in an interview with other publications, Blume said that she doubted the version of suicide and was inclined to think that it was an accident, and another time she said that her husband was killed.

The most popular American actor in the USSR

After the documents of the state security service of the GDR were declassified, the artist's suicide letter was discovered, in which he asked forgiveness from loved ones for having decided to commit suicide. A graphological examination confirmed the authenticity of the letter. The medical report indicated that as a result of the autopsy, it was established that Dean Reed had taken a potent sleeping pill before his death. According to these documents, the version of suicide was still correct: the artist fell asleep at the wheel and died. But the reasons that prompted the singer and actor to commit suicide are still not fully understood. Some biographers are inclined to believe that after the unsuccessful television broadcast in the United States and the lost hope of returning to his homeland, Dean Reed fell into depression, which led to tragic consequences. However, this remains at the level of speculation, and the reasons for the death of the artist are still a mystery.

Actor, singer, social activist Dean Reed

Despite the incredible popularity in the USSR, Dean Reed's Western partner also failed to achieve recognition at home: what was hidden behind the beautiful facade of Goiko Mitic's successful film career.

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