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The Magnificent Frida Kahlo: Rare photographs of the iconic artist from the 1920s
The Magnificent Frida Kahlo: Rare photographs of the iconic artist from the 1920s
Documentary photographs of the iconic artist of the 20th century

"I'm not sick. I am broken. But I am happy that I am alive as long as I can paint,”wrote the most famous Mexican artist who suffered from the consequences of polio in her childhood. This review contains a rare collection of photographs of young Frida. All photographs were taken in the 1920s.

1. Portrait of Frida Kahlo

Famous Mexican artist

2. Frida in a white dress

Frida Kahlo in the 1920s

3. Masterful self-portraitist

Master of Naive Art and Folk Art

4. Frida stands next to her father, putting her hand on his shoulder

A portrait of the Kahlo family taken in February 1927

5. Sisters

Frida and Christina

6. Portrait of young Frida, 1923

A portrait shot of a famous photographer

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7. Style icon

Frida Kahlo in a classic men's suit, 1926

8. Mexican motives

Own style

9. Tina Modotti and Frida Kahlo

Italian photographer and Mexican artist

10. Kahlo's inseparable sisters

Frida and Christina Kahlo, 1926

11. Christina and Frida in their youth

Young portraitist with her sister Christina

12. Retro photography of the iconic artist

Photo of a young artist

13. The famous portraitist

The most famous Mexican artist, 1920

14. Nineteen-year-old artist, 1927

Brilliant artist Frida Kahlo in her youth

15. Family portrait

Frida with her sisters Adriana and Christina, as well as cousins ​​Carmen and Carlos Veras

16. Wedding photography

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo on their wedding day, 1929

17. Frida Kahlo with bobbed hair

A rare photo of Frida Kahlo after a quarrel with her husband

18. Frida with her family in 1926

Photo from the family archive

19. An early picture of Frida Kahlo taken by her father

Photo taken by Guillermo Calo, 1926

20. Portrait shot with relatives

Frida in a man's suit with her sisters and also cousins, 1926

21. The most extraordinary artist of the twentieth century

The woman who turned imperfections into an individual style

Today there is a unique opportunity to see Frida Kahlo's outfits - a collection that has been hidden for 50 years.

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