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13 rare photographs from the life of the brightest Mexican artist Frida Kahlo
13 rare photographs from the life of the brightest Mexican artist Frida Kahlo
The life of one of the brightest women of the century

One of the brightest artists of her time, master of surrealism, Mexican Frida Kahlo is known throughout the world. She more than once, with an effort of will, returned herself from the other world, for the first time she took up the brush, being chained to the bed and adored the Russian revolutionary Trotsky. We have collected the most interesting photos of this amazing artist.

1. Unique Mexican artist

A woman filled with passion. Photographer Nicholas Murray, 1939

2. Frida at the age of 4

Frida Kahlo was born and raised in a small town in the Mexico City area

3. The Kahlo sisters

In this picture, Frida is 10 years old

4. Frida Kahlo's friendly family

Photo taken on November 2, 1926

5. Husband's studio

Studio of her husband, artist Diego Rivero, 1930

6. Frida during pregnancy

Three unsuccessful pregnancies and disappointment …

7. Frida and Diego

Lovers near their home, where they lived and worked

8. The inimitable Frida Kahlo

Left: Frida with her painting, 1943. Right: An artist with a handmade monkey

9. Portrait of the father

Frida paints a portrait of her father 10 years after his death, 1951

10. Frida and her friend Chavela Vargas

Expressive and eccentric Frida, who loved to laugh, 1945

11. House of the famous artist

Courtyard of Casa Azul

12. Pain and happiness

Frida Kahlo after leg amputation

13. Frida Kahlo's mysterious garden

This is how the house of the famous artist looks today

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