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New Rammstein video: Why Germany is black and gives birth to puppies
New Rammstein video: Why Germany is black and gives birth to puppies
New Rammstein video: why Germany is black and gives birth to puppies

The network was stirred up by a new clip of the German group Rammstein "Germany" with the refrain "Germany above all". Some accuse him of hidden propaganda of Nazism or mockery of the dead, others admire reflection or deep meanings. By the way, about the meanings: a lot of symbols are used in the video, and obviously for a reason.

Social networks are already trying to decipher each of the episodes and signs. Interpretations range from very convincing to overtly stretched: some find in the video criticism of the United States and the promise of the death of Germany due to multiculturalism. Here are the most interesting interpretations.

Image of Germany

The country was played by black model Ruby Commey. The blogger known as Gunther-Spb is sure that the director made this choice for a reason: black is the national color of the Germans. For example, the famous German eagle on the coat of arms is exactly black.

In all episodes, Germany appears in a costume that accurately conveys to us in what historical period the episode takes place and what moods were in Germany.

At the very beginning of the video of the character, Ruby discovers a seemingly lost squad of Romans. She is wearing a simple cloak. Under the tree on which the dead are hanging, she cuts off the head of a man with the hairstyle of the ancient Germans. This scene sets the tone for the entire video: Germany is constantly taking human casualties. Therefore, in half of the cases we see her with her head in her hands.

Germany Magna: still pagan

In other episodes, we see Hermann in medieval armor, a Renaissance dress, a uniform from the times of the German Empire, shiny outfits of the twenties and eighties, the form of the Third Reich and the GDR, in a wheelchair surrounded by people in clothes of the early twentieth century and, finally, dressed in sterile white robes - by an angel and a nun. Interestingly, in the scenes with the Third Reich, Germany has one eye closed. She tries to look at what is happening selectively, not to notice that the achievements of the Reich (represented by the world's first rocket) are based on the murder of citizens, their own and others.

Germany in a wheelchair marks, without a doubt, the country of the times of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles - literally crippled by both him and the previous war. And then she finds herself in a sparkling dress and, laughing, watches boxing in brass knuckles. Immediately I remember that in the twenties the Germans, in order to survive, went to any tricks and the country turned into a place of pilgrimage for sex tourists, fans of fighting without rules and parties with drugs.

In only one episode, Germany appears without a costume. It has been turned into a set table, food, and the era has to be conventionally designated by people sitting in the next room in camisoles of the eighteenth century.


In fact, communism was invented in Germany, and Lindemann positions himself as a leftist. It is not surprising that the theme of communism pops up over and over again in the video.

For example, the people who are beaten up in the prison of the times of the German Empire are most likely precisely the communist propagandists. There was a period in the Empire when the authorities persecuted them. Most likely, the battle of the two barbel is a battle of two ideologies in the twenties, communism and national socialism. This idea is suggested by the mustache of Lindemann's character, which copies those worn by Hitler in the twenties.

Till with the mustache of a young Hitler

Communists are among the concentration camp prisoners. First, they, beaten, stand with their necks in the noose of the gallows, then, in a scene reminiscent of the uprising of concentration camp prisoners, they shoot at the Nazi officers. During the execution, rockets take off behind the backs of the executed: attempts to build greatness on blood.

By the way, although Germany is being shot in the guise of the Third Reich, it does not die, but is reborn in the form of two Germanies: the GDR (with a Soviet symbol on the cap) and the Federal Republic of Germany (in a sparkling suit). And the latter is being taken hostage by the RAF, a left-wing radical terrorist organization. In general, the motive of the eternally reviving Germany is one of the main ones in the video.

Our time, however, is represented by extremists of a different kind - in the frame, a riot participant raises his finger in a gesture of the Islamists. However, many of them profess a peculiar form of communism.

Dogs, priests and laser swords

Germany's most recognizable material symbol is, without a doubt, the monument to Albrecht the Bear, one of the collectors of German lands, at Spandau Castle. This castle housed a prison where Nazi criminals were imprisoned.

Besides him, we see other unofficial symbols, or rather two German mascots: dogs of two very German breeds. These are German Shepherds, which are kept by the Federal Republic of Germany, and Leonberger, which are born in modern Germany.

Their presence in the frame is very symbolic. Germany was reproached by many for a long time that it essentially became the heir to the Third Reich, refusing to prosecute Nazi criminals on its territory, who continued to work as officials, including very large ones.

The Leonberger, whom Germany gives birth to in the frame, is a national breed that almost disappeared due to the loss of popularity. But the patriotic dog handlers managed to revive it. This breed is the pride of Germany and has become an unspoken symbol of its survival, the ability to revive under any conditions.

Ruby Commee as the German Empire

Monks devouring Germany in one scene, in another, they set a man on fire, while the Nazis set fire to books, after which Catholics and Nazis embrace. (Surprisingly, this scene has not yet been challenged by the Vatican.) Next to this scene, we see the Star Wars Empire members drawing their laser swords. Their presence clearly shows Lindemann's attitude towards the Nazis and the Catholic Church, which, however, was not a secret before. Columns of light, similar to laser beams, we see in different episodes of the video, and in one of them they turn for a moment into swords of stormtroopers, batons of police

At the very end, Germany flies away in a crystal coffin, like Snow White, the character of one of the purely German fairy tales (if you remember, she later came to life), and the viewer remembers that he has already seen virtually all the images used in the video somewhere. In about every Rammstein video, each of them has already met - but now they are stacked differently, creating a new story.

Text: Lilith Mazikina.

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