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Storming Berlin: rare photographs of the Great Patriotic War
Storming Berlin: rare photographs of the Great Patriotic War
Rare photographs of the Great Patriotic War

And even on May 9, the war did not end for everyone. Explosions were thundering for more than one week, people were still dying. The review contains rare photographs of those days - already victorious, but still bringing death and destruction. How many of them are fighters who reached Victory and died after the world learned the good news about the overthrow of fascism.

1. Artillery preparation of Soviet troops

The calculation of the Soviet cannon ZiS-3 is firing at the communications

2. Group shot of Soviet tankers

A group shot of Red Army soldiers on a heavy tank IS-2 on a street in Berlin

3. Fire mortars

Calculations of Soviet 160-mm mortars of the 1943 model

4. Tanks T-34

Soviet medium tank during the Great Patriotic War

5. Civilians

Civilians with their belongings walk along the streets of destroyed Berlin

6. Burning building

A building engulfed in flames, an hour before the declaration of the surrender of the Berlin garrison

7. Portrait of a wounded Red Army soldier

Portrait of a Red Army soldier with a plastered arm in a hospital in Germany

8. Open wound management

A medic treats a wound on the arm of a Soviet soldier in a hospital

9. Care of the wounded

An orderly covers a wounded Red Army soldier with a blanket in a hospital in Germany

10. Wounded Red Army men

Wounded Red Army soldiers are bandaging in the area of ​​the Seelow Heights

11.Soviet unit in the Friedrichsfelde area

Soviet mortar unit on the march in Berlin

12. Helping the wounded

Civilians are carrying a wounded woman in a baby carriage in the suburbs of Berlin

13. Captured trophies

German 105-mm field howitzers captured by Soviet troops in the battles for the Seelow Heights

14. Soviet artillerymen

Soviet artillerymen write messages on shells

15. Soviet traffic controllers

Soviet traffic controllers set up a sign in front of the bridge at the entrance to Berlin

Remembering the war, they often talk about the fighters and rarely remember about the military men, thanks to whom we can see these photos today. For many years they forgot [GO =in the USSR and about the military commander Yevgeny Khaldei[/ GO - who never parted with the camera from the declaration of war to the Victory.

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