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Vera Maretskaya: “Gentlemen! There is no one to live with! There is no one to live with, gentlemen! "
Vera Maretskaya: “Gentlemen! There is no one to live with! There is no one to live with, gentlemen! "
Vera Maretskaya

She was so talented that she could play any role. And, most importantly, in each role she was natural and harmonious. Cheerful, cheerful, funny - that was exactly what Vera Maretskaya was in the eyes of the audience and colleagues. In the theater, she was called the Mistress. And few people knew how many trials fell to her lot, how tragic the fate of her family was, how difficult her own life was. The favorite of the public and the authorities, the prima of the Mossovet Theater, the star of the screen, and the woman who never managed to build her personal happiness.

Yuri Zavadsky

Vera Maretskaya

After listening to Vera Maretskaya, who entered Evgeny Vakhtangov's studio school, the founder and head of the theater school turned to Yura Zavadsky, his beloved student, with parting words to help the girl become a good actress. Evgeny Bagrationovich's words turned out to be prophetic.

Their creative union lasted a lifetime. They served the theater and firmly believed in the saving power of art. Apparently, common interests and passion for one thing played a role in the emergence of a romantic relationship between two talented people.

Yuri Zavadsky in his youth

Vera Maretskaya remembered the wedding day with Yuri Zavadsky all her life, although there was no wedding. They went to the registry office and calmly, without pathos, flowers and champagne, registered their marriage.

Vera Maretskaya

No one even knew about the change of Vera's surname. She remained Maretskaya all her life, only her new surname - Zavadskaya - remained in the actress's work book. Two years later, in 1926, the couple had a son, Eugene. When the baby was only 4 years old, the family union broke up. Yuri could not resist the charms of the ballerina Galina Ulanova and went to her, leaving Vera with the baby in her arms.

Vera Maretskaya and Yuri Zavadsky

But their creative union was only gaining its strength then, they both had the wisdom to preserve it. Vera Maretskaya has always remained Zavadsky's favorite actress, and he is her director.

Twists of fate

Vera Maretskaya, still from the film "Rural Teacher"

They had not been husband and wife for a long time, but Zavadsky demanded Maretskaya for the slightest reason. Hearing another request to come to the director, Vera Petrovna smiled: "The child needs a mommy." And then she hurried to help.

However, Zavadsky also reciprocated her in this. It should be remembered that Vera Maretskaya starred in the film "Member of the Government" at the insistence of Yuri Alexandrovich. He believed that this role would save Vera herself.

Vera Maretskaya, still from the film "Member of the Government"

One can only guess what feelings the actress experienced when her heroine sang the leadership of the party. Indeed, in 1937, her two brothers, journalists Dmitry and Grigory Maretsky, were shot. She sent them parcels to the last, until they began to return back. Her sister Tatiana was arrested and convicted. She was later released, but limited in rights.

Vera Maretskaya

Vera Petrovna, perky and cheerful Ve-Pe, as Zavadsky called her, kept this side of her life completely closed. However, her fate was not much different from the fate of thousands of people who suffered during the years of repression. The only thing that the actress was able to achieve thanks to influential acquaintances was the adoption of Shurik's nephew. The boy was not sent to an orphanage, as was customary, but Maretskaya was allowed to take up his upbringing.

George Troitsky

Vera Maretskaya, still from the film "Kotovsky"

In 1936, Yuri Zavadsky, who fell out of favor, was sent to Rostov-on-Don, where he became the head of the Gorky Theater. Vera Maretskaya and another part of the troupe went with the director.

Here Vera Petrovna met the actor Georgy Troitsky, whom she married in 1940. Soon the couple had a daughter, Maria. Trosha, as the actress's wife affectionately called, was not too talented, but he loved his wife, he had golden hands and a kind heart. Vera Maretskaya was sincerely attached to her Trosh. The war once again turned her life upside down. Trosh volunteered for the front.

Vera Maretskaya, still from the film "She Defends the Motherland"

In 1943, Vera Maretskaya learned about the death of her husband. According to some reports, she found out about this the next day after the screening of the film "She Defends the Motherland", where Vera Maretskaya played the main role. According to others, the tragic news was reported to her right during the show, after which the actress quietly left the hall and fainted, barely having time to close the door behind her. The actress never married again.

Strange Mrs. Savage

Vera Maretskaya in the play Strange Mrs. Savage

Since then, theater has become her love. Vera Maretskaya devoted herself entirely to her work, earning many awards and incredible love from the audience. However, fate again and again sent her trials. The daughter of the actress Masha ended up in a neurological clinic after her husband committed suicide. The actress herself began to have severe headaches. The doctors' diagnosis was disappointing: an oncological disease of the brain.

Sanatorium them. Herzen. Vera Maretskaya, Yuri Zavadsky and Faina Ranevskaya

Yuri Zavadsky, believing that his beloved Ve-Pe is living out his last days, gave her the role of Mrs. Ethel Savage, played by Faina Ranevskaya before her, and then by Lyubov Orlova. Lyubov Orlova, who at that time was also seriously ill, could not forgive Maretskaya for the last chance taken away.

Vera Maretskaya

They were in the same hospital on different floors. Vera Maretskaya sent her apologies to Lyubov Orlova, gave her flowers and sweets. The answer was silence. Lyubov Orlova was the first to die, in 1975. In 1977, Yuri Zavadsky passed away. In 1978, the audience said goodbye to their beloved actress, who remained in their memory strong, decisive and very fond of life.

Lyubov Orlova was never able to forgive Vera Maretskaya for the taken away role, although there were many successful roles in her life, she was rightfully considered

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