Apparently, on Monday their mother gave birth: record holders of the Golden Raspberry anti-award
Apparently, on Monday their mother gave birth: record holders of the Golden Raspberry anti-award
Golden Raspberry Laureates Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez

"No matter what they do, things are not going" - this phrase from the song, familiar to everyone, characterizes success as accurately as possible. famous actors-laureates of the Golden Raspberry anti-award, which is awarded annually for the most dubious achievements in cinema. Nevertheless, despite the failures in cinema, they cannot be called mediocre: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Demi Moore achieved success in other areas of show business, achieved popularity and popular love. Today they probably do not worry too much about the fiasco in the cinema, which has become an "island of bad luck" for them.

Cameron Diaz

The Golden Raspberry Anti-Prize has been awarded annually since 1980. The award ceremony takes place in Hollywood a day before the Oscars and differs from it not only in what they call the worst actors, actresses and directors, but also in the fact that for this ceremony nominees rarely come. "Winners" are handed in absentia plastic raspberries covered with gold paint, costing less than $ 5. The worst of the worst are determined by a vote in which film critics-members of the Golden Raspberry Fund from America and 19 other countries of the world take part. In the entire history of the prize, only a few laureates have agreed to receive the prize in person. This year the ceremony was held for the 35th time.

Madonna and Paris Hilton - record holders for the number of raspberries

Madonna was nominated for the "Golden Raspberry" nine times, eight of them became a laureate. And in 2000 she was even called "the worst actress of the twentieth century"! Cameron Diaz has repeatedly become the worst actress in the opinion of film critics, the last time - in 2015, when she was awarded the anti-award for two films at once - "Home Video" and "The Other Woman".

Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton

The title of the worst actress of the year has been repeatedly deserved by the socialite Paris Hilton. Moreover, in 2009 she received an anti-award for the main role, and for the supporting role, and for the worst screen duet. In total on the account of the famous blonde - 5 "Golden Raspberries", one of which - in the nomination "Worst Actress of the Decade". Award founder John Wilson commented, “She's known for the people she hangs out with. She is not famous for anything, no matter what she does. " But Paris Hilton is no stranger to black PR - scandalous fame is also fame.

Three times worst actress of the year Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was named "Worst Actress of the Year" three times, although she was nominated 10 times. She received anti-awards for the films At the Crossroads, The Specialist and Basic Instinct-2. These failures also did not affect the popularity of the actress or her earnings. Brooke Shields, who became the first actress to receive the dubious award, was also a three-time Golden Raspberry laureate.

Sylvester Stallone record holder for anti-premiums among men

Sylvester Stallone was nominated for "Golden Raspberry" 30 times, and in 10 of them he was awarded an anti-prize. The films Rimbaud and Rocky IV were nominated from 1983 to 1991. And later, Stallone was recognized as the worst actor of the twentieth century. Another anti-award record holder among men is actor Adam Sandler and the film "Twins So Different", which received a record 10 awards in all the worst nominations.

Sharon Stone In the archive Jennifer Lopez - 7 nominations and 2 awards

Demi Moore was nominated for the award 9 times and was awarded it 4 times: as the worst actress in the films "GI Jane", "Charlie's Angels: Just Go Forward" and "Striptease", besides, she got another "raspberry" for the worst screen duet in the last movie.Despite this, the film "Striptease" had a great resonance and brought her popularity. Demi Moore soon became one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

4-time Golden Raspberry Laureate Demi Moore

And the film "Striptease" was remembered by everyone also because Demi Moore performed in it the most expensive dance in the history of cinema

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