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Life After Love: How the Fates of the Ex-Spouses of Domestic Celebrities Developed
Life After Love: How the Fates of the Ex-Spouses of Domestic Celebrities Developed
How did their former spouses live after the divorce?

In adolescence, it often seems that the first feelings will be eternal, and a marriage, entered into once, will last a lifetime. But sometimes a happy family life is replaced by divorce. And we need to rebuild life, again learn to trust people. Particularly painful parting for those who are used to a wealthy life next to a celebrity. After all, they have to not only get used to a different life, but also try not to pay attention to the endless discussion of the painful topic of the breakup.

Ilya Drevnov - the first husband of Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa Guzeeva and Ilya Drevnov

The actress met Ilya on the set of the film "Rivals" and instantly fell in love with a handsome boy who worked as an assistant cameraman. The novel was so impetuous that they signed immediately after returning to Leningrad from filming. Ilya surround the young wife with love and care, he was ready to get a star from the sky for her. But this marriage did not become happy.

Ilya Drevnov, the first husband of Larisa Guzeeva

As it turned out after the marriage, the young man was a drug addict. The actress struggled with his addiction for 8 long years, trying to return her lover to a normal life. But he returned to drug use over and over again. As a result, he died of an overdose.

Marina Sklyarova - ex-wife of Alexander Demyanenko

Marina Sklyarova, ex-wife of Alexander Demyanenko

They met during their school years in the classroom in the drama club. Marina Sklyarova was 2 years younger than the actor. When she turned 20, they became husband and wife. They lived together for two decades, and after the divorce, she was never able to recover from parting with her beloved man.

Marina Sklyarova, ex-wife of Alexander Demyanenko

Marina Sklyarova until her last days lived in St. Petersburg, all alone. Her only companion was Grisha the raven, donated by one of her friends. The woman dragged out a beggarly existence, barely making ends meet. And she carefully kept the soft toys that her adored Sasha once gave her.

Elena Safonova - ex-wife of Kirill Safonov

Elena Safonova with her second husband, photographer Vadim Sukharevsky

She was only 16 years old when she went down the aisle with 19-year-old Kirill Safonov. No matter how difficult it was for them financially in the first years of life, Elena was invariably happy next to the man of her dreams. Three years after the wedding, their daughter Anastasia was born. A little later they moved to Israel together, where Kirill was offered a job at the Gesher Theater. And after 10 years, the time of joint happiness for them ended.

Kirill Safonov with his daughter Anastasia

They parted calmly, without scandals and removing litter from the hut, maintaining normal relations. And at the end of July 2018, Elena died at the age of 42. As it turned out, the woman suffered from alcoholism for many years, categorically refusing to admit her addiction and refusing treatment. In recent months, the mother's refusal to seek help from specialists has caused a conflict between her and Anastasia. Mother and daughter did not communicate for several months, and Elena's attempts to reach out to her daughter ran into a wall of silence.

Lyubov Vdovina - ex-wife of Alexander Buinov

Lyubov Vdovina, ex-wife of Alexander Buinov

A young conscript Alexander Buinov fell in love at first sight with the charming green-eyed brown-haired woman Lyubochka. Before the demobilization of Alexander, the lovers signed and went to Moscow, home to Buinov. However, the lack of a residence permit prevented Lyubov from getting a job, and then receiving medical care during pregnancy.She went to her mother in her native village, and the future star promised to settle down and take Love back.

Alexander Buinov while serving in the army

She believed and waited, but waited only for the news that Alexander had a new girlfriend in the capital. The divorce was filed by exchanging documents by mail, and Lyuba interrupted the pregnancy. The singer soon got married, but Love could not forget her ex-husband. She no longer wanted to get married, she raised her son alone. And in 2006 she burned down during a fire that happened in the house of her friends. She alone could not get out of the house engulfed in flames.

Ksenia Kachalina - ex-wife of Mikhail Efremov

Mikhail Efremov and Ksenia Kachalina

She was the fourth wife of Mikhail Efremov, but their marriage did not last long. Soon after the birth of his daughter Anna-Maria, the actor left for another. Ksenia Kachalina did not find anything better than to get rid of problems, trying to drown sorrows in alcohol. After a while, alcohol was replaced by drugs.

Mikhail Efremov and Ksenia Kachalina

Since 2001, not a single film has appeared in the creative biography of the once promising actress. The daughter chose to live with her father.

Vladimir Ermakov - ex-husband of Masha Rasputina

Vladimir Ermakov

He taught her to sing and helped Masha Rasputina create her stage image. The creative community quickly developed into a romantic relationship. Alla Ageeva (real name Masha Rasputina) rapidly conquered the stage, and her husband always stood in her shadow. He declared himself only after the divorce, when participation in various television shows began to bring a very tangible income.

Vladimir Ermakov and Masha Rasputina

Only then did he begin to talk about how he allegedly created a star singer. But after parting with his wife, he never managed to repeat his feat, opening a new pop star. He passed away in October 2017 from epilepsy after forgetting to take his medication.

Alexander Borovikov - ex-husband of Olga Drozdova

Alexander Borovikov, ex-husband of Olga Drozdova

They were both actors, but Olga's desire to become a famous actress did not meet with understanding from her young husband. He was desperately jealous of his wife's growing fame and popularity. And she still cannot forgive her divorce.

Olga Drozdova in her youth

It's no secret that Alexander Borovikov is very alcoholic. He is constantly in need, comes to the point that he borrows money even from his ex-wife. Do not hesitate to tell unpleasant things about her in an interview.

Very often in a creative environment, marriages are short-lived. and they themselves bathed in the reflections of the glory of their famous husbands, and after the divorce they were forgotten. Their fates developed in different ways: some find their happiness in a new family, others seek consolation in a profession. But journalists have long ceased to be interested in their life, giving preference to the new companions of the stars.

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