10 wise tips from "detective queen" Agatha Christie
10 wise tips from "detective queen" Agatha Christie

On the birthday of British writer Agatha Christie, who has written more than 60 detective novels, six psychological novels published under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and 19 storybooks, we decided to recall the wise advice of this discerning woman.

And of course, one cannot fail to recall the ominous poem-counting rhyme from the novel "Ten Little Indians".

Ten Indians went to dinner, One choked, there were nine of them. Nine Indians, after eating, nodded, One could not wake up, there were eight of them. Eight Indians left for Devon later, One did not return, remained seven-man. Seven Indians chopped wood together, Hacked One ourselves - and there are six of them. There is a hunt for the hourly, one was stung to the bumblebee, there were five left. You learned about the judge, they were left for one, there were four of them left. Negritena went to swim in the sea, one fell on the bait Three little negroes ended up in the menagerie, One was grabbed by a bear, and the two were left alone. Two little negroes lay down in the sun, One burned out - and here one, unhappy, lonely. The last negro looked tired, He went to hang himself, and no one was.

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