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Larisa Udovichenko - 66: Filatov on her knees, a stone from Mordyukova, letters from prisoners and 4 more facts about the actress
Larisa Udovichenko - 66: Filatov on her knees, a stone from Mordyukova, letters from prisoners and 4 more facts about the actress

April 29 marks the 66th anniversary of the audience's favorite, famous actress, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Larisa Udovichenko. She said more than once that all her life she played herself in different circumstances, but at the same time she claimed that behind the scenes she was not at all like her heroines from the films "The Bat", "The meeting place cannot be changed", "The most charming and attractive”, etc. About what happened to her on the set, one could shoot another film. What made Leonid Filatov kneel in front of her, why Vladimir Vysotsky made her blush and other little-known facts - further in the review.

A gift of fate and skill to make faces

Larisa Udovichenko in the film The Bat, 1978

Larisa Udovichenko began acting in films at the age of 15, and by the age of 23 she already had more than 10 roles in her arsenal, several of which were the main ones. But she called the shooting in the musical film "The Bat" by Jan Fried as a real gift of fate - not only because after that the first loud popularity came to her, but also because this work became a real acting school for her. Her filming partners were the Solomin brothers, Lyudmila Maksakova, Igor Dmitriev, Oleg Vidov, Sergey Filippov - in a word, a whole galaxy of recognized stars from whom there was something to learn.

Larisa Udovichenko in the film The Bat, 1978

She always watched other actors play, listened to advice, absorbed everything like a sponge, and was a very grateful student. Later Udovichenko recalled: "".

Star role

Larisa Udovichenko as Manka-Bonds

No one expected that the role of Manka-Bonds would become one of the brightest in Larisa Udovichenko's filmography. Neither the director nor her colleagues believed that she would cope with the image of a girl of easy virtue. In the film by Stanislav Govorukhin, the actress literally asked for it. Initially, he offered her to play the role of Vary Sinichkina, Sharapov's beloved girl, but this image seemed too pale to Udovichenko - by that time she was already tired of romantic heroines and dreamed of a character role. When Govorukhin heard that she categorically insists on the image of Manka, he even raised his voice to her: “- shouted the director. -"

Still from the film The Meeting Place cannot be changed, 1979

Udovichenko waited until all the applicants for this role passed the tests (it is worth noting, unsuccessfully), and again reminded Govorukhin of herself. He succumbed to the persuasion of the actress and later did not regret it. She behaved in the frame exactly as the director wanted, and even her improvisations remained in the film. Udovichenko has repeatedly said in an interview that she really did not know how to spell the word "bond", and they decided not to cut this episode. "", - Udovichenko recalled.

Still from the film The Meeting Place cannot be changed, 1979

Her partner on the set was Vladimir Vysotsky himself, but Larisa did not listen to his songs then, she did not understand the scale of her personality and treated him without piety. She was only 23 years old, he was 40, she did not understand how to react to his jokes. He made fun of the young actress and made her blush, declaring: "". They did not communicate much outside the filming, Vysotsky seemed to her a snob, and only years later Udovichenko realized what size next to her she did not see then.

The other side of glory

Larisa Udovichenko as Manka-Bonds

After the film "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed" was released, Larisa Udovichenko became incredibly popular.But this did not please the actress at all: she so convincingly played a girl of easy virtue that not only movie fans became interested in her. Among her admirers were many prisoners who wrote letters to her and promised to find her after her release. One of them kept his promise: he somehow found out her address, almost brought out the door to the apartment, shouted that he had come to get married. As a result, the actress had to call the police.

Cap for Muravyova

Shot from the movie The most charming and attractive, 1985

One of the most striking and memorable roles of Larisa Udovichenko was fashionista Lusya Vinogradova from "The Most Charming and Attractive". The film's budget was very small, and the heroines had to dress "by Cardin". But in fact, all those outfits that can be seen “only on the wives of diplomats of non-aligned countries” were found in their own wardrobes by the actresses themselves. All the dresses and white fur coat of Nadka Klyueva are personal belongings of Irina Muravyova, Tatyana Vasilyeva lent her a chic red hat, and that very fashionable checkered cap with a pompom, which the hero of Leonid Kuravlev mocked at, is Larisa Udovichenko's personal cap! In fact, behind the scenes, the actress appreciates comfort and democracy in clothes, and therefore prefers a sporty style - jeans and shirts. And the most valuable thing in her wardrobe is the chiffon Portuguese blouse embroidered with colored stones, presented to her by Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Filatov on his knees

Larisa Udovichenko and Leonid Filatov, 1990

Although Larisa Udovichenko played frivolous girls more than once, she agreed to undress in the frame only once. In the 1990s. many directors began to shoot films with an abundance of explicit scenes, which the actress did not like very much. Only one famous actor, writer and director could convince her to go against her principles. Later, Udovichenko said: "".

Stone from Mordyukova

Theater and film actress Larisa Udovichenko

Larisa Udovichenko always called her greatest creative happiness not her own roles, but those actors with whom she was lucky enough to act and communicate behind the scenes. She has warm relations with many of them. Once the actress told about this case: "".

On screens and behind the scenes

People's Artist of the Russian Federation Larisa Udovichenko

In the cinema, she often got the images of characteristic heroines, and many viewers identified the actress herself with them. And although she more than once said that she had played herself all her life, she emphasized that she had very little in common with her most famous film characters: “Ch”.

People's Artist of the Russian Federation Larisa Udovichenko

Her creative destiny was more than successful - she played more than 130 movie roles, but in her personal life the actress was not as happy: Three marriages and one disappointment of Larisa Udovichenko.

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