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7 short stories about the happiness of Igor Starygin: Why the actor failed to keep the family with the main woman in his life
7 short stories about the happiness of Igor Starygin: Why the actor failed to keep the family with the main woman in his life
Igor Starygin

His name is inextricably linked with cinema, and the images played by him still remain close and understandable. The popularity of Igor Starygin was truly nationwide, and the attention of fans sometimes spoiled his life. It seems that he was given everything from birth: beauty, intelligence, talent. But all these components never made him completely happy. Women fought for his attention, and he never managed to keep the family with the one that always remained the main one in his life.

The first love

Igor Starygin during his school years

He fell in love at school with his classmate Yulia Airova. Her seventh grader Igor Starygin addressed his very first declarations of love. Before her, he knelt down and swore the sincerity of his feelings.

Igor Starygin and Yulia Airova at school

The young man's artistic ardor evoked nothing in Julia but laughter. She really liked Igor, but it was enough for her to just be in his company. When Igor realized this, he just left. She also today keeps a note dated 1959 from classmate Starygin with a declaration of love.

First marriage

Igor Starygin in his student years

At GITIS, where Igor entered after graduation, classmates tried to attract the attention of a handsome and charming student. He also chose the first beauty of the course, Lyudmila Isakova. It was a vivid and impetuous romance, filled with the ardor of youth.

Marriage of Igor Starygin and Lyudmila Isakova

Igor Starygin and Lyudmila Isakova looked incredibly harmonious. Both are tall, slender, beautiful and, most importantly, infinitely happy. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted less than a year. Neither he nor she talk about the reasons for the breakup. Most likely, the reason for the divorce was the actor's next romance.

Home woman

Igor Starygin

After GITIS, the actor was assigned to the Moscow Youth Theater, where he met Mira Ardova (Mika Kisileva). Leaving the theater one day after a rehearsal with Mika, Igor confidently said, pointing to a flock of girls nearby: "If I want, any of them will be mine!" Soon she became his.

Mira Ardova

Her husband was the famous director Boris Ardov, a daughter grew up in the family, and they were already waiting for the birth of their second girl, Anna. She was called crazy when she left her husband. But Igor Starygin had such a charm that almost no one could resist him. Even Mika's ex-mother-in-law accepted him, and they became friends with Boris Ardov.

Igor Starygin as Aramis

The life of Igor Starygin with Mira Ardova cannot be called simple and cloudless. The fans literally overpowered their family. She already knew that their marriage was doomed, but still gave birth to her youngest daughter, Anastasia, from her beloved man.

Igor Starygin and Mika Ardova with their daughter Nastya

When Igor, after filming the three-part film "D'Artanyan and the Three Musketeers", was hospitalized, she was torn between the theater, her husband and children. She once again tried to get to her husband's ward, proving to the hospital employee that she was Starygin's wife. And I heard: "You are the fifth one who calls himself his wife!"

Igor Starygin, still from the film "The Importance of Being Earnest", 1976

Mira Ardova informed her husband about the decision, saying at last that he would still regret their separation. He replied very seriously: “Perhaps. But you will never know about it! " And until the end of his days, in almost all his interviews, he called Mira Ardova the main love of his whole life.

Love affair at work

Igor Starygin and Marina Dyuzheva, still from the film "State Border"

Igor Starygin and Marina Dyuzheva became friends during the filming of the film "State Border".Both had gone through a divorce by that time, and they had many topics for conversation.

Marina Dyuzheva

But when the actor proposed to a colleague, she realized that she was not ready to take responsibility for the life of this shy adult child.


Igor Starygin

The actor met Tatyana Sukhacheva in the early 1990s. The girl worked as an assistant for actors at the Sverdlovsk film studio and invited Igor Vladimirovich to star in the episode.

Igor Starygin and Tatiana Sukhacheva

The novel developed rapidly. Soon, the lovers already lived together in Moscow. Starygin was given a large apartment and he was enthusiastically engaged in repairs, getting, thanks to his fame, building materials. The apartment turned out to be luxurious, but he did not live in it for long.

Igor Starygin

Tatyana said that she had sold the apartment and bought two: one in Fili for herself and the second near the Novokuznetskaya metro station for him. Later, having learned that his ex-wife had deceived him, Igor Dmitrievich could not hold back his tears. He never forgave this woman.

A pity

Igor Starygin and Nina Vydrina

The civil marriage of the actor with the employee of the theater museum Nina Vydrina was not caused by passion or ardent love. They came together against the background of a woman's loneliness and pity for such an unsettled actor in life.

Igor Starygin, still from the film "The Return of the Musketeers"

After filming in the sequel to the saga of the Musketeers, he underwent 4 operations. Igor Starygin did not admit to anyone that a long stay in the sun was contraindicated for him. And he did not complain about his health. Only Nina knew how bad he was. She saw how painfully every movement was given to him. But you cannot build a marriage on pity alone.

Igor Starygin with Mira Ardova and daughters

Later, he tried to reconnect with Mika, but they failed.

last love

Igor Starygin and Ekaterina Tabashnikova

In the early 2000s, when the crisis ended, Igor Dmitrievich again became in demand. Spectators went to performances with his participation, and magazines were invited to take part in photo shoots.

Igor Starygin and Ekaterina Tabashnikova

Photojournalist of one of the publications Ekaterina Tabashnikova brought photographs to the actor. Then she presented a phone with an answering machine so that he could leave the house, and not sit waiting for an invitation call to shoot. They became close, mutual feelings arose.

Igor Starygin and Ekaterina Tabashnikova

Catherine was sure: Igor Starygin was simply destined for her. She became the last love of a talented actor, his last wife. Katya was invariably by his side, arranged his life, endured whims, looked after him in the hospital. He called her a holy woman and was grateful to the end of days for the care and love, which, undoubtedly, was mutual.

Arseny Zaitsev, grandson of Igor Starygin

He left on November 8, 2009 after suffering a stroke. Katya still lives in the memory of her beloved person. And the grandson of Igor Starygin, Arseny, mentally talks with his grandfather and really wants to be like him.

The most stellar work of Igor Starygin was the role of Aramis in the trilogy "D'Artanyan and the Three Musketeers". What were they like in life, the actors who played

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