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Contrary to royal traditions: How Kate Middleton and Prince William raise their children
Contrary to royal traditions: How Kate Middleton and Prince William raise their children

Queen Elizabeth, adhering to the traditional views on the upbringing of royal children, believes that little George should be taught from childhood that he is a prince and future king, and Charlotte should be instilled in exquisite manners. But Kate and William do not share her views, which causes discontent and irritation queen.

In the family of Kate Middleton and Prince William, two beautiful children are growing up - son George, born in 2013, and daughter Charlotte, two years younger.

Toddlers of Cambridge at a children's party in Canada, September 29, 2016

Keith and William have long been reputed to be rebellious in the English kingdom, often disregarding its old-fashioned traditions. This also affected the education of the royal offspring. The spouses are not going to follow the "puritanical royal protocol", but intend to fully provide their children with a happy childhood, and raise them like ordinary children. And in this they are both adamant.

Family values

It is customary to bring up royal children in a rather restrained manner, without showing special affection and tenderness, but in the family of Kate and William everything is completely different - their children literally bathe in parental love, and they are not at all forbidden to throw out their emotions.

Kate and William try to spend as much time as possible with their children. William, who lost his mother early, understands very well what family means for a child.

George loves to talk with dad about everything in the world, and Charlotte, like a little tail, follows her mother everywhere, imitating her in everything.

Family everyday life

The lifestyle of this family is not at all idle. William goes to work during the day - he serves in the aviation emergency medical service. And the children already know that dad works. Mom Kate also has a lot to do - she cooks herself, bathes the children, goes for a walk with them. She has one nanny as assistants, but Kate turns to her only when necessary. This, of course, is also not quite common for a titled family.

This also applies to children. Little George went to a regular kindergarten, where, at the insistence of his parents, he was treated like all other children. He was not a prince there, but simply George. I washed dishes, swept the floor, learned to hang and fold clothes, and tie my own shoelaces.

Respect for other people's work

In this family, children from an early age are instilled with respect for other people's work. It happens that at the table they begin to be capricious, refusing food and scattering it on the table and on the floor. In this case, without any persuasion, they are escorted from the table. A glass of milk is the only thing they get after that.

They'll also have to clean up after them whatever they left behind, and Kate is adamant about that, so the kids try not to give up their mom's food, but they certainly aren't forced to eat oatmeal alone. Sometimes parents can pamper their kids with completely unhealthy fast food and candy.

Kids toys

As for the gadgets so fashionable now, they are not given to kids. Catherine thinks they are for school or work, not play at all. Toys for children are bought by the simplest and most unassuming, with which their parents were still playing - balls, skipping ropes, cars, dolls, soft animals, and they love them very much. And the gadgets will wait.

6 month old princess Charlotte with a toy puppy

On TV, children are allowed to watch only cartoons, of course, not for long, and mostly of English production. Charlotte loves the Peppa Pig cartoon, and George prefers the adventures of the fireman Sam.

At home, children are furious, jumping, playing naughty, but they are not scolded for it. "" - says William.

Walking in the street

But most of all they like to walk outside, regardless of the weather. There they ride a bicycle, fall off a pony, climb, wherever they please, roll on the grass, jump over puddles. Like all children …

Kate and George are walking in the park, 2015 Kate and George, June 2015 Princess Charlotte in April 2016 In the garden of Kensington Palace, photographer Norman Jean Roy

Children's whims

It is unlikely that any of the parents will be moved by looking at the tantrum of a child who screams, cries, stomps his feet, sometimes even falls to the ground, demanding something from his parents. This happens with George and Charlotte. But for such a case, Kate has her own proven ways to help distract and calm the naughty baby.

She does not resort to traditional slaps or punishment - "into the corner." In response to the hysterics, Kate begins to loudly sing her favorite songs, the child involuntarily listens to his mother's singing, and seeing that his hysteria is not interesting to anyone, he calms down. Sometimes it helps to switch the conversation to another, more interesting topic.

Public behavior

If at home a lot is allowed and forgiven for children, then in public places, in public, their whims are strictly suppressed by their parents. Before each appearance, Kate reminds them that if they misbehave, they will immediately go home. And several times she kept her word, forcibly taking George home from the playground.

The couple have already begun to take their children with them to various ceremonies and parades, as required by the protocol. Of course, children are often not interested in this, bored, and they begin to be capricious. Parents understand this very well, and try not to scold their children in this case, but somehow distract and calm them down.

The Cambridge family at Hamburg Airport, July 21, 2017

George especially often starts to be capricious, but Kate tries to be very patient with this. Indeed, in this he is similar to his father - William also behaved in childhood.

The Duchess reassures her son, July 8, 2016 Prince George in Poland, July 17, 2017

Charlotte shows character

The first hysteria in public, small but bright in execution, at the Hamburg airport was also arranged by Charlotte at the helicopter gangway. Tears, stamping feet and the final picture falling to the ground - this is how the princess demonstrated her character. But the parents coped with the situation.

Reasonable consumption

It is known, and has been discussed more than once, that the duchess in the same outfits appears in public several times. She does the same with her children, preferring to show the children, not their outfits. She selects clothes for them in democratic brands, avoiding overly shocking things.

Prince George has appeared for several years now in blue cardigans or sweaters and simple shorts - blue or burgundy.

Charlotte's style is also not very diverse - a light blue or pink dress with a floral pattern and a cardigan.


Keith and William, being educated people themselves, of course, plan to raise their children like that. The kids already talk decently in Spanish, as they had a Spanish nanny who speaks to them in their own language. Next in line is French.

This year, George, who turned four, went to school. At Kate's insistence, he was not sent to the famous Weatherby school, where all the children from the royal family were previously taught. William studied here with his brother Harry. Kate preferred her Thomas's School, which has 560 ordinary children aged 4 to 13 years. William, remembering how he was strained by numerous camera flashes on the first day of school, supported his wife. But, of course, this decision was not approved by Queen Elizabeth.

Prince George with Dad on his first day of school, September 7, 2017

So Kate and William rely entirely on themselves in raising their children. And I must say that their principles are not so bad, and they have a lot to learn.

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