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Vasily Shukshin and Lydia Fedoseeva: 10 years of uneasy happiness that began with outright dislike
Vasily Shukshin and Lydia Fedoseeva: 10 years of uneasy happiness that began with outright dislike
Vasily Shukshin and Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina in the film

It was the brightest union of two opposites. And at the same time - the merger of two hearts, two personalities, two lives. Fate measured Vasily Shukshin and Lydia Fedoseeva just one decade. And only on the screen again and again they are together: Vasily Shukshin and his Lydia.

Unity of opposites

Vasily Shukshin

The first meeting took place at VGIK. Shukshin was a Komsomol organizer, and Lydia was not a Komsomol member. Vasily scolded the student, as if about to flog her. She decided that she should stay away from Shukshin.

In 1964, Lydia Fedoseeva was offered to star in the film "What is it like, the sea?" Learning that the same Shukshin would be her partner, Lydia was completely upset. How can you play with a person who is completely unpleasant to you?

Lydia Fedoseeva in the film

Lidia Fedoseeva at VGIK studied with Tamara Makarova and, out of old habit, ran to her for advice, although she had not been a student for a long time. Tamara Fedorovna reassured Lydia. She considered Shukshin a talent, and the excitement of the young actress was in vain.


Vasily Shukshin and Lydia Fedoseeva

Then there was a train, tapping kilometers on the road to the Crimea, where the whole group was heading to shoot the picture "What is the sea like?" Road romance, good mood, Shukshin told fascinatingly about Stepan Razin, an amazing character and hero of his future film.

Lydia looked at the narrator and noticed what was hidden from her eyes in her student years: a serious look, his amazing perception of the world, his ability to present seemingly well-known facts in a fascinating and enthusiastic manner.

The bus drove them along the Crimean road. After a short stop, he suddenly gave her a modest bouquet of field daisies.

Vasily Shukshin and Lydia Fedoseeva

They were both not free. Vasily Shukshin lived in a civil marriage with Svetlana Sofronova, they were expecting the birth of a child, Lydia was married to Vyacheslav Voronins, they had a daughter. But the feelings that flared up between Vasily and Lydia were already impossible to extinguish.

For Lydia, the divorce was difficult. As a result of parting with her husband, she actually lost her daughter, Anastasia. Vasily Shukshin, despite breaking up with Svetlana, always maintained a relationship with his eldest daughter Katerina.

Difficult happiness

Vasily Shukshin and Lydia Fedoseeva in the film

They lived in Moscow in a tiny two-room apartment. Their happiness was not simple: at first Vasily Makarovich was still drinking hard, he could raise his hand to his spouse. Lydia Nikolaevna fought with her husband's addiction, pulled him out of drunken companies, dispersed drinking companions, literally brought him home in her arms.

Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and Vasily Shukshin with children

One after another, two wonderful girls, Masha and Olya, were born in the family. Vasily Makarovich quit drinking after he almost lost Masha. I went for a walk with her, met a friend, went with him to the wine-glass, and forgot my daughter on the street. He was scared then thoroughly, but he learned the lesson for life, the drink was over in an instant.

Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina and Vasily Shukshin with children

Lydia Nikolaevna left the profession for some time, devoting herself entirely to her husband and children. If she was invited to audition, she categorically refused. And Vasechka was against her. He was jealous, could not imagine that his wife would be removed from someone. Later he began to shoot it himself. In Shukshin's paintings, Lydia opened up from a completely different side. In his films, she played simple Russian women, with their eternal beauty, generous heart, wide soul.

He was called a peasant from Altai, he also felt the deep spirit of his people, thought about the fate of the country, reflecting his own thoughts and doubts in his paintings.

Vasily Shukshin

He passed each hero through himself.He could cry over the fate of his hero, whom he himself, according to a writer's or director's idea, doomed to death.

Lydia Nikolaevna became for Shukshin not only a wife and his actress, she created an atmosphere for his work, she herself rewrote his stories, and negotiated with publishers. And she tirelessly arranged their family nest.

Tragedy on the ship

Vasily Shukshin, Georgy Burkov, on the set of the film "They fought for their homeland", Vologda, 1974

Masha accompanied him on that fateful trip. The seven-year-old fidget was all the time eager to run back to her friends. Turning around halfway, Masha saw tears frozen in her father's eyes.

Vasily Shukshin starred in the film They Fought for the Motherland. Shortly before the end of filming, he sat in his cabin on the ship, where the entire film crew was located, and thoughtfully drew on a cigarette pack. When asked by a colleague, he replied that he was drawing a funeral. And the next day, October 1, 1974, he was gone.

Vasily Shukshin, at work in his office, Moscow, 1973

For a long time, rumors of poisoning circulated around the death of Vasily Shukshin, but the investigation issued a verdict: the heart of the writer, actor, director, talented son of the Russian land stopped beating for natural reasons.

Lydia Nikolaevna talks about the book

Lydia Nikolaevna tried to arrange her personal life, she married twice more, looking for the features of her Vassenka in men. But miracles, unfortunately, do not happen. She forever remained Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. And he still lives in the apartment received by Vasily Shukshin, anxiously protecting his memory and collecting his legacy.

his father only decades after his departure.

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