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What Sergey Makovetsky is silent about: Why the famous actor avoids talking about the past
What Sergey Makovetsky is silent about: Why the famous actor avoids talking about the past

On June 13, the famous theater and film actor, People's Artist of Russia Sergei Makovetsky will be 63 years old. On his account - more than 90 works, the title of the best dramatic actor in Europe and one of the most popular and successful Russian actors. Today he willingly gives interviews and talks about his roles, but the actor does not like to remember the past very much. What painful memories do not allow him to talk about his childhood and adolescence, and why recognition came to him only after 30 years - further in the review.

The main person in life

Sergey as a child with his mother

Sergey was born and raised in Kiev. The main person in his life was his mother - Anna Grigorievna Makovetskaya, who worked at an artificial leather factory. But opposite the column "father" in his metric there was a dash. Only years later, Sergei learned that his father's name was Vasily Tkach, and that he left his mother right in the registry office. At that time, she was already expecting a child, they came to sign, the man asked him to wait, and at that time he took the application. After that, they returned to the guests and throughout the evening they portrayed happy newlyweds, and only later did everyone find out that the couple had not registered their marriage.

Actor in his youth

They broke up immediately after that, and Sergei never saw his father. He tried not to ask his mother about him, so as not to hurt her. For obvious reasons, the son bore his mother's surname, and from his father he got only a middle name. When his mother passed away 20 years ago, this was the biggest shock for the actor; he still cannot accept her departure. Once he decided to find out if his father was still alive, he found his half-brother and sister, who live in Kiev. It turned out that the father was no longer among the living.

10 years on the sidelines

Actor in his youth

In his youth, Sergei did not think about the acting profession - he was actively involved in sports, was fond of water polo, skated, and in his first school play he played under a stick - the English teacher literally forced him to take part in the production. He forever remembered his feelings from the first appearance on the stage - fear of the audience and at the same time rapture and delight from the game. The preparation process captivated him so much, and the performance was so successful that after that Makovetsky decided to become an actor.

Theater and film actor Sergei Makovetsky

After school, Sergei applied to the Kiev Theater Institute. I. Karpenko-Kary, but did not pass the competition, and for a whole year he worked as a set maker at the Theater. Lesia Ukrainka. And after that he went to Moscow and on the first attempt became a student at the Shchukin school. In 1980, immediately after receiving his diploma, Makovetsky became an actor at the Theater. E. Vakhtangov.

Sergei Makovetsky in the film I, the son of the working people, 1983

A year later, Makovetsky made his film debut. He played his first major role back in 1983 in the film "The Crew of a Combat Vehicle", filmed at the Odessa Film Studio, but his first works did not bring him wide fame. For 10 years, both in the theater and in the cinema, the actor got mainly supporting roles and episodes. He recalled that period: "".

Still from the film Makarov, 1993

Recognition in the theater came to him in the late 1980s. after the play "Zoykina's apartment", for which he received the prize of the "Moscow Theater Spring" festival, and in the cinema - in the early 1990s. after roles in the films "Patriotic Comedy" and "Makarov".The director of these films, Vladimir Khotinenko, became Makovetsky's godfather in films and later filmed him in his other films (Arrival of a Train, 72 Meters, Death of an Empire, Pop, Demons). Already in the mid-1990s. they learned about the actor not only at home, but also abroad - in 1994, Sergei Makovetsky was recognized as the best dramatic actor in Europe.

Iconic role

Still from the film Liquidation, 2007

One of Makovetsky's undoubted creative successes was the role of the retired pinch Fima in the series "Liquidation". Makovetsky was on the set by accident. The fact is that the audience should have seen Andrei Krasko in this image - he was approved and had already started filming, but while working on the film, his life was cut short by a heart attack. Makovetsky recalled: "".

Still from the film Liquidation, 2007

It was very difficult for him, because Krasko was ideal for this role, and Makovetsky had to start all over again and build his own, not similar to the original, image. Most of all, the director feared that the actors portraying the indigenous inhabitants of Odessa would turn the images into a parody, deliberately exaggerating the characteristic Odessa dialect. To prevent this from happening, Makovetsky called his wife every day, who was from Odessa, and consulted on how to pronounce this or that phrase correctly. He also walked around Odessa a lot and listened to the conversations of random passers-by. Director Sergei Ursulyak was delighted with the cooperation with the actor and later, having removed him in his TV series "Isaev", "Life and Fate", "Quiet Don", "Bad weather", he said about him: "".

Difficult relationship with the past

Sergey Makovetsky in the TV series Quiet Don, 2015

Once the actor interrupted an interview and left the studio due to the fact that the journalist persistently asked him about the past. Later Makovetsky explained his act as follows: "".

Sergei Makovetsky as Ivan the Terrible in the TV series Godunov, 2018-2019

Sergei Makovetsky does not like to indulge in those memories that make him melancholy and immerse him in a state of blues, and therefore makes every effort to avoid such moods. The actor explains: "".

Shot from the TV series Zuleikha opens her eyes, 2020

For almost 40 years, the actor has been in a happy marriage, in the longevity of which no one at first believed due to the fact that the spouse was 18 years older: Spontaneous marriage of Sergei Makovetsky.

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