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For which the actor Anatoly Bely is grateful to Marina Golub, and what he cannot accept after her departure
For which the actor Anatoly Bely is grateful to Marina Golub, and what he cannot accept after her departure

Today, Anatoly Bely, who celebrated his 49th birthday on August 1, is one of the most popular actors, Honored Artist of Russia, in whose filmography there are already more than 100 roles. Only this year, 4 new projects with his participation were released and 4 more are in the production stage. And 20 years ago no one knew his name, no one believed in his talent, except for his first wife - the famous actress Marina Golub. For what he is still grateful to her and what he regretted after her premature departure - further in the review.

Anatoly Bely as a child with his mother

Anatoly's real surname is Vaisman, and Bely is her translation into Russian. He grew up in Togliatti in a Jewish family, his father was a civil engineer and his mother was a German teacher. His parents paid attention to his artistry as early as childhood, when he arranged home performances and amused the whole family. Only so - open, funny, uninhibited - he was exclusively alone with his family. The boy avoided communication with his peers, and therefore at school he was considered arrogant and narcissistic. In fact, his isolation was a reaction to the constant mockery of his classmates over his nationality and acrobatics. He became a master of sports, but the ridicule did not stop, because acrobatics is not boxing or wrestling, and this did not cause respect among his peers.

Actor in the film-play Woe from Wit

During his student years, this situation not only did not change, but also worsened. In the dormitory of the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute, of all his roommates, he studied alone, and the rest constantly arranged drunkenness and brought "girls inclined to compromise." On this basis, conflicts and even fights often occurred, Bely became even more withdrawn, and only years later he realized how much this hinders him in communicating with people.

Anatoly Bely in the TV series Brigade, 2002

Then the people's youth theater became a real outlet for Anatoly, and there he understood what he really wanted to do in the future. After the third year, Bely left for Moscow and on the first attempt entered the Schepkinsky school. He finally got into his environment, to the same creative, purposeful and intelligent young people. The theater helped him to liberate himself, to let his emotions out, to get rid of shyness. His acting career began on the theater stage, although at first he only got roles in the crowd. After graduating from college, Bely began acting in films, but even then he was content with subtle episodes.

The woman who helped to believe in love and in yourself

Actor with his first wife, Marina Golub

Although the actor was always good-looking, he was not popular with the opposite sex. Since school age, all his crush has remained unrequited. He was lost in the presence of girls, did not know how to look after and be persistent. The first woman who reciprocated his feelings was Marina Golub, with whom they performed together in the same theater. She was already 39, she was a famous actress, and he was only 24, and he had not yet played a single prominent role either in the theater or in the cinema.

Actor with his first wife, Marina Golub

He was suspected of selfish motives, of the intention to become famous at the expense of a famous wife. And he lived with her for 12 years and all this time did not get tired of admiring her and thanking her for believing in him and helping to cope with depression due to many years of creative lack of demand.4 years after they parted, trouble struck: 54-year-old Marina Golub crashed in a car accident. Although by that time Bely already had a different family, for him it was a blow that he could hardly cope with.

Actor with his first wife, Marina Golub

The actor spoke about his first wife years later with great tenderness: "".

Long-awaited recognition and happiness

Anatoly Bely in the series Multiplying Sadness, 2005

At the beginning of the 2000s, Anatoly Bely's film career took off. In 2005, he became widely known after starring in the TV series "Talisman of Love" and "Multiplying Sadness". Since then, he has played about 100 film roles, the most famous of which were the roles in the films "Paragraph 78", "Gentlemen Officers: Save the Emperor", "What Else Men Talk About", "Metro", "Steel Butterfly" and TV series The Brothers Karamazov, Furtseva, Kuprin, Orlova and Alexandrov, Optimists, Garden Ring, Call Center, Clinic of Happiness.

Still from the movie Rose Valley, 2011

The actor admits that in his youth he was afraid of being left out of the profession, and therefore often agreed to roles in walk-through films and mediocre TV shows. Now he can already afford to abandon weak scripts and act only in what arouses his interest. He is pleased that in recent years there have been many good TV series that are filmed at the level of a big movie, and therefore Bely willingly agrees to such proposals. In addition, he has been the leading actor of the Moscow Art Theater for 18 years. A. Chekhov and has repeatedly become a laureate of the theatrical prize "The Seagull".

Shot from the series Orlova and Alexandrov, 2015

He managed not only to achieve success in the profession, but also to build a strong family. His relationship with Marina Golub fell apart due to his love for the designer Inessa Moskvicheva, but he did not dare to marry for a long time. They got married in 2013, after the birth of their son Maxim and daughter Victoria, and have not parted since then. The actor says that their marriage is based on love and mutual respect, and therefore has existed for so many years.

Anatoly Bely and Inessa Moskvicheva

Bely says about his wife: "".

Anatoly Bely in the series Garden Ring, 2017

The actress was very upset about parting with Anatoly Bely, but another person soon appeared in her heart: Marina Golub's last passion.

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