Good deeds of Vladimir Vysotsky: For which the artist was grateful to acquaintances and strangers
Good deeds of Vladimir Vysotsky: For which the artist was grateful to acquaintances and strangers

On January 25, one of the most popular and beloved Soviet artists, who is called a symbol of the era of the 1970s, Vladimir Vysotsky, could have turned 83, but for 41 years now he has been dead. He was known not only as a talented poet, composer, performer and actor, but also as a broad-minded person, incredibly generous and responsive. He did not need to ask for help - as a rule, he himself warned such requests and helped not only his friends, but also strangers.

Vladimir Vysotsky in the movie The Flight of Mr. McKinley, 1975 Poet, musician, actor Vladimir Vysotsky

Once Vysotsky was asked if he was pleased to be so famous. He replied: "". And in this answer there was not a drop of vanity and narcissism - he really used all his connections and acquaintances in those situations when someone needed his help. In 1974, on the set of the film "The Flight of Mr. McKinley," Vysotsky met the composer Anatoly Kalvarsky, who said: "". He helped him get a place to live, and upon learning that the composer had very poor eyesight, Vysotsky brought him from abroad very expensive glasses - "chameleons", which he wore for many years.

Vladimir Vysotsky at the recording of songs for the film The Flight of Mr. McKinley, 1973 Vladimir Vysotsky at the recording of songs for the film The Flight of Mr. McKinley, 1973

For 16 years, Vladimir Vysotsky performed on the stage of the Taganka Theater, where he played his best theatrical roles. Largely thanks to the participation of the poet, a new theater building appeared, the construction of which was delayed for 7 years. Director of the theater Nikolai Dupak said: ".". Three months after the grand opening of the new theater hall, Vysotsky was gone.

Artist in the play Antiworlds at the Taganka Theater, 1966 Artist during the closing season at the Taganka Theater, 1968

In 1972 the Taganka Theater came on tour to Leningrad. Children 10-12 years old were involved in three performances, but three boys from the Choral School could not leave Moscow, and instead of them it was necessary to find young artists in Leningrad. They were found among the students of the children's home-school of musical education, where they gathered orphans who had the ability to music and sing. We chose two boys and one girl. Their mentor Irma Polenova said: as soon as Vysotsky found out that children from orphanages would participate in the performances, he threw a cry among the actors: "" They collected a whole bag of toys and treats. Polenova recalled: "".

Vladimir Vysotsky in the play Hamlet at the Taganka Theater, 1971 Poet, musician, actor Vladimir Vysotsky

Marina Vladi, in addition to the uniqueness of Vysotsky in the creative sense, considered him extraordinary in ordinary human manifestations: "".

Marina Vladi and Vladimir Vysotsky on the day of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Taganka Theater, 1974 Poet, musician, actor Vladimir Vysotsky

In 1975, Vysotsky, together with the Taganka Theater, was on tour in Rostov-on-Don. There, the musician gave several concerts, including at the applied arts combine. After the performance, he was presented with souvenirs made by the chief master of the plant. Having learned that he could not come to the concert - he was a war veteran, disabled, and almost never left his house - Vysotsky went to his house and specially sang songs for him that had just sounded on stage.

Poet, musician, actor Vladimir Vysotsky Artist with Ilya Poroshin

It gave the artist incredible joy to surprise people and give them gifts. From every trip abroad, he brought full suitcases for all his friends and acquaintances: some - a rare medicine, others - warm boots, the third - records of foreign musicians, the fourth - clothes for children. The son of the administrator of the Taganka Theater, Ilya Poroshin, recalled that every appearance of the artist was a holiday for him: he appeared with full bags, and there were real "treasures" - either ski pants or a denim suit.Once he took Ilya with him to a concert, and this evening the boy remembered for the rest of his life: "".

Mikhail Shemyakin and Vladimir Vysotsky

Few of us know the name of the artist Mikhail Shemyakin - at home he was rarely mentioned, especially in Soviet times, because in 1971 he emigrated to France. They met Vladimir Vysotsky in 1974 during one of the poet's visits abroad - and immediately became friends. They became not only friends, but also brothers in spirit. Shemyakin in his interviews and memoirs repeatedly said that it was possible to go into intelligence with Vysotsky - he was a very loyal and selfless friend.

Mikhail Shemyakin and Vladimir Vysotsky Mikhail Shemyakin and Vladimir Vysotsky

Shemyakin recalled one episode: shortly before Vysotsky's departure, they saw each other again. The poet was in a specialized clinic in Paris, and Mikhail decided to visit him there. When he came to him, Vysotsky burst into tears. Shemyakin decided that he was upset that he ended up in this clinic. And he answered him: “” At that moment he himself was in a deplorable state, he needed to think about his own health, and he lamented because he did not fulfill someone's request! Shemyakin said: "". The last time they saw each other was in Paris 3 weeks before Vysotsky left. Shemyakin then said to him: "" He answered: "" And on July 25, 1980 he was gone.

Vladimir Vysotsky on the set of the film Little Tragedies The last work of the artist in the cinema - in the film Little Tragedies, 1979

Nowadays, many details of the poet's biography are revealed, which were not previously known: The only role in the movie and a trace in the fate of Vysotsky Natalia Panova - the first beauty of the 1960s.

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