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How the prince married a fashion model in spite of his mother and what came of it: The famous entertainer of the USSR Boris Brunov
How the prince married a fashion model in spite of his mother and what came of it: The famous entertainer of the USSR Boris Brunov

He began his artistic career at the time of the peak of fame of Lydia Ruslanova, Arkady Raikin, Rina Zelena, but he was not lost among the stars, but took his own worthy place. He conducted concerts at the North Pole, BAM and Baikonur, headed the Moscow Variety Theater. And was the subject of dreams of many Soviet women. Boris Brunov himself had aristocratic roots and all his life he loved only one woman - a fashion model, against whose marriage his mother protested.

Son of a prince

Boris Brunov

There were Italian comedians in the family of Maria Brunos, and she herself was a circus acrobat and during her tour in Tiflis she fell madly in love with the Georgian prince Mikeladze. By the way, he also completely lost his head from the beautiful circus performer, proposed to her and even got married despite the protests of his relatives.

In 1922, Boris was born, and the prince, like many representatives of the high society after the revolution, was forced to get a job. He got a job as an artist in a printing house, began to abuse alcohol, and Maria Brunos, along with her six-year-old son, left her husband. As a result, Boris was raised by Maria's second husband, circus artist Joseph Roberts. Boris also dreamed of entering the circus arena since childhood. His wish was fulfilled at the age of ten, when he began performing with his stepfather, shooting at the apple lying on the head of Joseph Roberts.

Boris Brunov

Later, Boris Brunos served in the Perm Philharmonic, and all the metropolitan artists who came on tour advised him to go to the capital. But only Rina Zelyonaya left her address, promising to help the young artist. He really went to Moscow, but he was ashamed to come to his patroness. And I met her by chance during another unsuccessful visit to the Touring Bureau, where he went every day in search of work.

Rina Zelyonaya immediately began to act, was able to agree that he would lead the concert, and introduced him to the head of the Gastrolburo, who advised Boris to change the last letter of his last name. This is how the surname Brunov was born. The artist then came to the Hall of Columns every day to read his name on the poster again and again.

Main recommendation

Boris Brunov

I introduced Boris Brunov to the model Maria Zinovy ​​Gerdt. He himself tried unsuccessfully to care for the graceful beauty, but did not achieve reciprocity. But Maria liked Boris. Moreover, he was unconditionally accepted by his seven-year-old daughter Mila, who had previously mercilessly rejected all her mother's many fans.

True, she did not immediately get used to the manner of courting Boris, because before that she was already married and her husband, test pilot Alexander Ershov, who died while on duty, literally carried his wife in his arms. Boris, when she, tired of climbing the stairs, asked for the handles and lamented that she would die if she took another step, walked around, carefully examined from all sides and declared: she would definitely last a week, so she could go further.

Maria is the wife of Boris Brunov

Maria laughed and listened to herself and her feelings towards a short, not the most handsome man in the world. She even asked her fellow fashion models to rate her beau, watching him secretly.And absolutely everyone liked him. But the last straw was Mila's assessment. The daughter, who had previously rejected all of her mother's boyfriends, suddenly announced during Boris Brunov's visit to their rented dacha: "Let's leave Borya with us!" He, despite a very modest income, always found an opportunity to transfer a present to Mila.

Prince and fashion model

Boris Brunov

And then Boris Brunov's mother appeared, accustomed to controlling everyone around. The news of the upcoming marriage of her son caused a violent protest in her. She immediately flew in from Vladivostok and rented an apartment in the capital. Boris, who did not have his own home then, moved to her. Maria Brunos spent a whole year trying to dissuade her son from getting married. She did not call Boris to the phone and even took his watch away from him so that, God forbid, the beloved son would not get it.

It seems that at that moment she completely forgot how once she was rejected by the relatives of her first husband. Boris loved his mother very much, but he was not going to give up his love for Maria. So Maria Brunos eventually had to come to terms with the choice of her son.

Boris Brunov

He nevertheless married Maria Ershova, with whom he lived until the end of his days. When his wife scolded him for something, he took a majestic pose and declared: "Do not forget, I am a prince!" Maria laughed to tears and wondered where the princely wealth was due. To which Boris Brunov comically threw up his hands and sadly reported: he was taken away to the revolution.

At first, they lived in the same room with the mother-in-law of Maria Zinaida Semyonovna, who agreed to accept the new husband of her daughter-in-law in her house. After that, Maria's mother also joined them. The four of them slept on the same mattress, interrupted themselves with meager food, but did not lose their love of life.

Evgeny Gik, Svyatoslav Belza and Boris Brunov with his wife

When Boris met Maria's relatives who lived in the Chelyabinsk region, he decided to help them all. They collected food in boxes, and then sent them as they were filled.

The spouses did not have common children, but Boris Brunov became a real father for his wife's daughter. He admitted that he could not love anyone more than his adopted daughter. Mila answered him in full reciprocity and all her life affectionately called him Borenka.

Boris Brunov

When Boris Sergeevich died in 1997, Mila grieved most of all, and soon she fell ill and died in the prime of her life. Maria Brunova survived her husband by 16 years and rested next to him at the Novodevichy cemetery.

Rina Zelyonaya, who patronized Boris Brunov at the beginning of her career, always said that she was lucky enough to live next to the Angel. Rina Zelenaya and Konstantin Topuridze loved each other and loved life. They always had something to talk about and something to keep quiet about. Two personalities, two great talents, two destinies, firmly connected by one thread.

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