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Why in Russia brides laid eggs under a chicken and knitted knots: The funniest wedding ceremonies
Why in Russia brides laid eggs under a chicken and knitted knots: The funniest wedding ceremonies

Weddings in Russia were taken very seriously and they tried to play them at a certain time. For conceiving a young child, March and February were considered the best. The Slavs turned to higher powers for help, decorated the bride's festive attire with special embroidery and performed various rituals. Read in the material why brides made dolls, laid eggs under the hen, what the willow knew about the birth of children and why the ability to tie knots was highly valued among girls.

Why did the brides turn the dolls and why did they sit on it later

Baby amulets for pregnancy are still popular today

There were various rituals. For example, so that the firstborn was born as soon as possible, the young were sprinkled with grain. There is a connection with sowing. And today many do the same, but more often rice or flower petals are used. It was customary to invite pregnant women to the wedding. They seemed to "provoke" the bride and one had to get pregnant. A small child was often put on the lap of a young child.

The newly-made wife was making a doll called the Woman in Labor. It was believed that she was able to help a woman conceive a child, go through pregnancy and give birth without problems. It was forbidden to tell anyone about the Woman in labor, she was done in a secluded place and kept away from human eyes. The amulet should be made according to the rules: for the base they took birch bark, straw or wood, put on a skirt on top. A handkerchief was tied on the doll's head. The fabric had to be white. A chest was made of cotton wool or tow, under which a small block was placed, representing a newborn. When the doll was ready, the woman sat on it, thinking about a happy family life, about children. And only after that she took the amulet to the place chosen for storage.

How a willow helped a child to conceive

A wreath of willow branches could help in conception

If the long-awaited conception did not occur, the woman turned to the goddess Makosha, who patronized the feminine principle. The ceremony was carried out on Friday, the days from June 21 to June 24, when the female energy was maximum, were considered especially successful. A woman who dreamed of a child walked to the river and looked for a lush willow tree, which had already blossomed leaves.

A large hoop-wreath was made from tree branches. He had to be raised above his head and lowered, as if passing through a hoop, until he was on the ground. At the same time, women read a special conspiracy, which spoke of a mother who came to earth, who brought her children with her and gave the woman a “belly”. The childless claimed that she became pregnant from this and became a mother. Isn't it self-hypnosis? When the ritual ended, the wreath was either sent down the river, or the branches were unlaced and planted by the water.

Three large grains and an egg to be placed under the chicken

An egg placed under a chicken was first spoken

There were other rituals that helped with conception. For example, the one that was carried out on the doorstep of the house. The woman took water into a container and stood with her right knee on the threshold. It was necessary to cast a spell in which the childless turned to heaven with a request to give her a child. After that, she drank several sips from the ladle, and the remaining water was used to wash the bosom.

Superstitious people were very attentive to the egg, which personified life. The next ritual is associated with him.To get pregnant, a woman had to take an egg from a chicken, and it was in the first week of the growth of the moon. She came to her husband with the egg, they sat opposite each other, lit a candle from the church, took up the egg and recited the spell exactly nine times. Its meaning was that the hen laid an egg, which means that they will be able to conceive a child who, like a yolk, will be tied up in mom's belly. When the ritual was completed, the charmed testicle had to be placed under the brooding hen. Everything! It only remained to wait twenty-one days. Chicks will hatch - the woman will become pregnant.

The grain was also used for ceremonies. At the beginning of summer or in spring, a ceremonial for grain was held. The woman went to the market early in the morning and bought wheat or oats. I had to pay, but never take change. At home, the grains were poured onto paper, always white. A candle was lit, and it should have been led in a circle over the grains, mentally imagining that a baby was appearing in the stomach. At the end of the action, three large grains were selected, they had to be buried in the ground, the rest were given to the birds. Next - wait. If all the grains germinated, it means that soon the woman will soon become pregnant. Sprouted two - pregnancy will be, but not soon. But if there was not a single sprout, then there is damage to infertility and measures must be taken to eliminate it.

Do you want to give birth - know how to tie knots

The knotting ritual lasted forty days

A month could help the childless. This ceremony should have been carried out without fail when the newborn month appeared in heaven on Thursday. Having waited for this successful coincidence, the woman went out to the crossroads, and when a luminous sickle appeared in the sky, she bowed to him. In parallel, it was necessary to pronounce a conspiracy - an appeal to the Lord with a request to pity and send the child. The light of the month had to fall on the stomach, which had to be stroked clockwise. When the prayer ended, the woman had to bow to the luminary and go home. A very important condition: not a word could be said until morning.

In addition to a month, an ordinary rope could help in conception. It had to be made from natural fabric. For forty days the woman waited for midnight, tied a knot on a string and pronounced an ancient conspiracy. It was about the fact that these are not knots on a rope, but the fetus in a woman's belly is tied. The women carried out the actions with the rope in the evening, before going to bed. The rope was squeezed between the palms, which were folded, as if for prayer. It was necessary to tie the knots at the same distance from each other.

Wedding rings are always covered with an aura of mystery. And sometimes amazing stories happen to him. Like this one when for more than a year, the girl wore her wedding ring without realizing it.

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