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7 famous men who went on parental leave
7 famous men who went on parental leave

Currently, many countries give men the right to care for newborn children on an equal basis with women. True, if the definition of "maternity leave" is applied to women, then men after the birth of a baby can take "paternal leave." Despite the fact that this phenomenon is not very common, many famous men gladly used their right to go on parental leave.

Sergey Bezrukov

Sergey Bezrukov with children

The famous actor took parental leave twice: in 2016, when his daughter Maria was born, and in 2018, after the birth of his son Stepan. Thus, Sergei Bezrukov decided not only to help his wife, Anna Matison, but also to enjoy the time he spent with the children. He really enjoyed the opportunity to be with his wife after the birth of children, and even sleepless nights were not hard labor for the actor, but a time of endless tenderness. It's hard to imagine it, but the actor was even waiting for them. On July 24, 2021, another son was born in the family - Vasily. Perhaps this time Sergey Bezrukov will again go on parental leave, because for him the time spent with the children is not a duty, but an absolute pleasure.

Prince William

Prince William with children

Prince William also took a "paternal leave" twice. For the first time after the birth of Prince George, the second after the birth of Princess Charlotte. The Duke of Cambridge rightly believed that if they had already refused the services of nannies, then Kate would definitely need help at first. Prince William honestly shared all the responsibilities of caring for older children with his wife for several weeks. But after the birth of the youngest child, Prince Louis, the Duke of Cambridge did not take a vacation, he immediately took up the duties of a member of the royal family.

Andrei Malakhov

Andrei Malakhov

The TV presenter for himself decided to be inseparably close to his wife even during her pregnancy, in order to participate in the life of the baby literally from the first minutes of his life. Alexander made the world happy with his appearance on November 16, 2017, and the happy father for the first time completely devoted himself to his long-awaited newborn son. He never divided duties into women and men and readily did everything that was necessary for his son. Later, Andrei Malakhov returned to work, but he especially appreciates every day he spends with his family. They go for walks together, read books, attend temple services, and take their son to swimming lessons.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg with his daughter

The American entrepreneur and creator of the social network Facebook has long demonstrated his principles, giving preference, first of all, to family, and only then to work. Two months after the birth of Maxima, he spent next to his wife, having previously adjusted the work in the company in such a way that his presence was not required. By the way, after the end of his "decree", he granted the right to each employee, regardless of gender, to receive four months of paid leave to care for a newborn child. By the way, for the United States, paid maternity leave is the exception rather than the rule. Mark Zuckerberg in 2017, two years after the first "paternal leave", left for the second to enjoy the company of the whole family and help his wife with newborn baby Augusta.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake with his son

It seems that at first the performer did not plan to go on any vacation at all. On the contrary, the very first days after the birth of his first child Siles were incredibly busy for Justin, as he was just preparing his disc for release. But as a result, he had to change his plans and give preference to the family. Seeing that his wife Jessica Biel almost collapses from fatigue, he immediately announced his vacation. He meekly got up to his son at night, fed him, changed diapers and at the same time felt like a happy person. According to Timberlake, he has never had so little sleep and so many dirty diapers. However, for some reason this delighted him, and he gladly let his wife go to rest, work or go to the gym in order to quickly bring the body back to normal after childbirth.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey with his daughter

The American actor, after the birth of his second daughter Vida, decided to take a vacation for six whole months in order to help his wife Camila Alves in everything. At that time, he was not at all worried about the possibility that he might be forgotten. He was much more worried about taking care of the family and baby Vida, because besides her, the couple had two tomboy sons, Levi and Livingston. Six months later, McConaughey returned to the profession and, as it turned out, his fame during his absence did not fade at all.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo with twins Eva and Mateo

One of the most popular and successful footballers of our time could afford the services of a babysitter for newborns Eva and Mateo, born with the help of a surrogate mother. Despite all the difficulties in caring for children, Cristiano Ronaldo has never regretted his leave on vacation. After all, neither the first smile, nor the first word, or the first step can be repeated. It was important for him not to miss anything from the life of his children.

Men dealing with children always evoke affection. Among Hollywood celebrities there were many excellent fathers, who were able not only to conceive children, but also continued to take part in the daily life of their children.

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