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The couple were captured for a year in Mexico because of the cat they saved
The couple were captured for a year in Mexico because of the cat they saved

Every person is in such a mood that he wants to give up everything in one fell swoop. Quit your job, sell your apartment, pack your simple belongings in a suitcase and go somewhere on a trip to the ends of the world. A young couple from the UK once did just that. They embarked on a romantic tour of America two years ago. They had a lot of adventures along the way. There was also something very special. The couple saved the cat during the trip. Because of their new friend, the couple are stuck in Mexico for a whole year.

Fateful decision

Lee Hodges is 33 and his wife, Willow Rolf, is 29. They are both teachers. One day they decided to give up their established life and make their life's dream come true - to travel across the American continent. They had been planning their trip for several years. In 2015, the couple bought an old broken VW. Willow, who worked as a mechanics teacher at the auto technical school, repaired it for two years. Then Willow and Lee, like true adventurers, quit their jobs, rented out their home and embarked on a unique journey across North America.

In the summer of 2019, they drove around the United States in their old Volkswagen. After two months of their trip, while in Washington, they met a stray cat. The rescued furry soon became a favorite member of their family.

Willow, Lee and their adopted cat Amy, whom they found in Washington DC

How Amy burst into the life of the couple

On the way, the couple missed their two cats, who stayed at home. They first came across a small black kitten, whom they named Molly. The kitty was very sick and weak. She died just a few days later. Then the couple met Amy. This kitty became their companion.

Amy became a constant companion of the spouses The cat behaves very well and walks on a leash without any problems

The couple joke that the cat behaves much better on the trip than most people they know. Amy is fully trained to walk on a leash. This allows her to accompany her fellow humans on their adventures on foot. The couple even took the cat to the famous Monument Valley trail. A well-mannered animal, solemnly nursing next to the spouses, attracted many bewildered glances. “Often people simply cannot believe their eyes, seeing next to us a cat rushing happily on a leash. After all, many are firmly convinced that traveling with cats is impossible. Although on the way we met several people with cats."

On the road, the cat behaves much calmer than most people

Amy was attacked by a pack of dogs on her way from the US to Mexico

Two Britons headed to Mexico with their adopted cat. Unfortunately, a very tragic incident happened on the way: Amy was attacked by a pack of dogs. The kitty escaped from the fight pretty shabby, among other things, her paw was broken. Fortunately, the animal received help on time. This whole story in no way diminished the trinity's passion for travel and adventure. The couple waited until the cat recovered and continued their voyage.

The cat got out of the fight with a broken paw

During a trip to Mexico, travelers were caught by a pandemic. Willow and Lee wanted to go home to the UK, but they couldn't leave Amy. All national parks, beaches and other tourist attractions that usually attracted adventure seekers to this country have been closed. The traveling trio faced every possible challenge. Local residents did not want to accept them.Health workers were annoyed by their nomadic life. The couple, on the other hand, did not have sufficient funds to find a place for isolation. They continued to move.

While the cat recovered, the couple had to literally wander

Amy is a favorite member of the family

According to Willow, Amy gave them a lot of problems, but the couple still didn't leave their friend. “She sleeps in our bed every night and gives us so much love! She is also the perfect travel cat. She gets tired if we travel a little. Amy never runs away, but loves to explore the area. So we can park and let her enjoy the walk. We like cats because they are good companions, but with fewer restrictions than traveling with a dog."

The couple say the cat is easier on the road than the dog

One of Amy's favorite things to do is biting. “She loves to bite everything, especially us and useful things like tickets or laptop screens. She also loves to climb trees and walk for a long time."

Unfortunately, just recently, when the trio decided to head home across the Atlantic to the UK, their trusty camper van broke down. Because of this, there was again a delay. The couple planned to take a ferry in one of the US ports. The British had to wait a long time for the arrival of spare parts for repairs. Then there were various technical troubles. While they were fixing the van, other problems arose.

One of the biggest hurdles for the couple was the timing and getting the various permits. It turned out that their humanitarian visa expires in February, and the US borders were supposed to open only on January 21.

On the way, my beloved old van broke down

The British decided to try to get to the Mexican cargo port, failed. Then they waited until they could sail from the United States. The van broke down again and had to waste time again. The twists and turns of the trio's fate are closely watched by Internet users. The couple willingly shares their photos and stories from the trip. During this time, Amy has visited more places than most people.

During this time, Eimi visited 15 US states and two countries

Amy the cat is still waiting to return to the UK

“Our trip is fantastic, despite all the breakdowns and COVID! We really like visiting new countries. Meet different people and cultures. During this time, we became incredibly close and learned a new language. We also saw some stunningly beautiful places that we never knew existed. The most incredible thing is the kindness and hospitality of ordinary people. We see so much negativity in the media, but whenever we found we needed tools or a place to live, we got help. The people on the road were incredibly kind and trusting to us. We were equally well received in the United States and Mexico. Completely strangers! It made our trip truly special,”said Willow.

Despite all the twists and turns, the couple are very happy with the trip

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