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35 years in the crowd and glory after 50: Strength tests of the star of "Daddy's Daughters" Tatiana Orlova
35 years in the crowd and glory after 50: Strength tests of the star of "Daddy's Daughters" Tatiana Orlova

July 1 marks the 65th anniversary of the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, actress Tatyana Orlova, known to viewers for her roles in the TV series "My Fair Nanny", "The Voronins", "Daddy's Daughters", "Dyldy" and others. Her filmography includes more than 90 roles, but among there are practically no main ones. Her appearance is far from beauty standards, but at the same time Orlova has a bright comedic talent and such charisma that she attracts attention at first sight. But at first she could not even dream of such a demand, for 35 years she played in the crowd and became famous only after 50. Today she is often called the second Faina Ranevskaya, but she herself does not like such comparisons.

35 years in the crowd

The actress at the beginning of her career

Tatiana decided to become an actress under the influence of her aunt, who served in the theater. The girl will forever remember her first impressions of visiting the theater: "". Aunt instilled in her the confidence that not only miniature beauties are needed on stage. Tatyana, with a height of 183 cm, a low voice, a masculine gait and rough facial features, did not dream of the roles of romantic heroines, but in other roles she could not reveal her creative potential for a long time. She was often asked questions about why she decided to become an actress, to which she ironically replied: "".

Tatiana Orlova in the film Love for Neighbor, 1988

She was admitted to GITIS from the very first attempt; even during her studies, at the invitation of her teacher Andrei Goncharov, she began performing on the stage of the Theater. V. Mayakovsky, to whom she devoted her whole life. But at the same time, for 35 years she was released on stage only in the crowd, because she did not fit into any of the existing roles. And she did not even think about leaving the theater - she patiently waited in the wings and never asked for roles. The directors exploited her textured appearance, but did not notice the wide acting range. This period in the theater Orlova called not life, but the struggle for existence.

Tatiana Orlova in the play Berdichev, 2014

This continued until Mindaugas Karbauskis became the artistic director of the theater, who entrusted Orlova with major roles in several productions. Only in 2014, at the age of 58, Tatyana Orlova played her first leading role in the play "Berdichev" and received several theater awards for her as the best actress of the season. And after 2 years she was awarded a prize for … the best male role, which she played in the play "Russian Novel".

50-year-old sitcom star

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Tatyana Orlova

In the cinema, her acting fate was just as difficult: she began acting in the second half of the 1980s, but the audience hardly remembered her first roles - these were small episodes in passing films. In the early 1990s. Orlova stopped receiving offers from filmmakers and was forced to take a 10-year pause in filming. In those days, she lived practically in poverty, saved on everything, but even then she did not think to leave the theater and change her profession.

Tatyana Orlova in the TV series Daddy's Daughters, 2007-2011

The actress returned to the screens at the beginning of the new century and only after 50 years she learned what fame and recognition are. Her first popularity was brought by her roles in the TV series Children of the Arbat, My Fair Nanny, Law and Order, and she won the love of millions of viewers thanks to the role of Tamara Kozhemyatko's secretary in the TV series Daddy's Daughters. In the pilot episodes, another actress starred in this image, but her relationship with the director did not work out, and they decided to replace her with Orlova.True, she did not immediately give her consent - at first she doubted that the student of Andrei Goncharov himself should play in a simple sitcom. But it was this series that turned her into a real star.

Tatyana Orlova in the TV series Daddy's Daughters, 2007-2011

After that, new roles began to be offered to her one after another. Her success was consolidated by the series Voronin, Police Comrades, Think Like a Woman, Sasha Tanya, The Red Queen, Old Women on the Run, Dyldy, Give Youth! And Grozny. Although the actress is also subject to serious dramatic roles, most often directors see her in a comedy role - her mere appearance on the screen immediately makes the audience laugh, all comedies with her participation are simply doomed to success in advance.

Second Ranevskaya

Tatyana Orlova in the TV series The Red Queen, 2015

Almost nothing is known about the actress's personal life, except that she has never been married and has no children. Due to her non-standard appearance, low voice and love for pantsuits, the media at one time published ridiculous articles that Tatyana Orlova used to be a man, and then changed gender. The actress never spoke about why she was left alone all her life.

Shot from the series Stepfather, 2019

Due to the difficult acting path, bright comedic talent, charisma, sense of humor and unsettled personal life, Tatyana Orlova is often compared to Faina Ranevskaya, but the actress herself does not like such comparisons and does not pretend to such a scale of acting talent - she says that before the "original "She cannot reach:" ".

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Tatyana Orlova

Today Tatyana Orlova is one of the most recognizable and sought-after actresses both in the theater and in the cinema. She does not regret anything and does not consider her long way to success wasted time: "".

Tatyana Orlova in the series Hidden Motives, 2019

Today, her partners on the set are simply unrecognizable: How the heroes of the series "Daddy's Daughters" have changed.

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