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How the teacher became the star of the "Voronins" and transformed beyond recognition: Yulia Kuvarzina
How the teacher became the star of the "Voronins" and transformed beyond recognition: Yulia Kuvarzina

On July 14, the theater and film actress, teacher of the Moscow Art Theater School Yulia Kuvarzina turns 46. She might never appear on the screens, because before becoming an actress, she worked as a school teacher. She is familiar to the majority of viewers from the TV series "Don't Be Born Beautiful" and "Voronin", where she appeared in the images of cute and good-natured donuts. Several years ago, she made herself talk about herself, getting rid of 22 extra pounds in 3 months. How she managed it, and is it possible to lose curvaceous forms, but not lose herself and her viewer - further in the review.

Actress in her youth

Julia's parents had nothing to do with the world of art: her mother worked as a teacher of the Russian language, her father was a geologist. But since childhood, Yulia dreamed of becoming an actress and could have made her film debut during her school years - she was invited to one of the central roles in the film "Pippi Longstocking". But my mother was categorically against filming - she believed that it would interfere with her studies, and she had to give up her childhood dream for a while. Mom tried to switch her attention to other hobbies, and besides the drama circle, she enrolled her in drawing, needlework and in the gymnastics section. But Julia got the greatest pleasure only when she went on stage.

Theater and film actress Yulia Kuvarzina

When Yulia was 5 years old, her father passed away, and one mother was engaged in her upbringing. She raised her in severity and often repeated that Julia was not at all beautiful, and therefore she had nothing to think about the acting profession. Mother insisted that after school, Julia entered a pedagogical school and followed in her footsteps, getting a job as a teacher in a school. Kuvarzina worked there for 2 years, but at the same time she always understood that this was not her way. In the end, Julia left school and applied to the Moscow Art Theater School and entered the course of Oleg Tabakov the first time.

Theater and film actress Yulia Kuvarzina

At the same time, her mother's dream to some extent nevertheless came true: after a few years, Julia nevertheless returned to teaching, but no longer in high school. First, Oleg Tabakov invited her to teach acting at the Moscow Art Theater School, then she worked for 4 years at the "Class Center" of Sergei Kazarnovsky.

Finest hour

Yulia Kuvarzina in the TV series Don't Be Born Beautiful, 2005-2006

At the age of 23, Yulia Kuvarzina began performing on the stage of the Taganka Theater, and at the same time worked in a modeling agency! Of course, her appearance was far from ideal model parameters, but in her youth she was much slimmer, the actress had a figure of standard proportions, and she was invited to try on during the creation of clothing collections.

Yulia Kuvarzina in the TV series Don't Be Born Beautiful, 2005-2006

In the cinema, Kuvarzina made her debut quite late - only at the age of 27, but after 3 years incredible popularity came to her. At first, she got inconspicuous episodes in detective series, but at the age of 30, Julia played a bright role in the TV series "Don't Be Born Beautiful", which broke all popularity records on television. Kuvarzina said that she fell in love with her heroine not only for the fame she brought her, but also for her kindness, simplicity and lightness.

Yulia Kuvarzina in the Voronin series

After that, her film career took off: in 2007, Kuvarzina starred in the TV series The Personal Life of Dr. Selivanova, and 2 years later she got one of the central roles in the Voronin series, which brought her a new wave of popularity. She devoted 10 years to this project.

Roles of Wife and Mom

Actress with her husband and daughter

3 years after filming in the series “Don't Be Born Beautiful” Yulia Kuvarzina confirmed the truth of this proverb by her own example: in 2008 she married actor Alexei Aptovtsev, with whom she had been living in a civil marriage for 9 years. Julia decided to officially register after she found out that she was expecting a baby. In the same 2008, a year before the start of the series "Voronins", the couple had a daughter, Lisa.

Julia Kuvarzina with her daughter Lisa

For many years they have been called one of the strongest and most harmonious acting couples. However, in 2019, Kuvarzina suddenly said that she had not lived with her husband for 6 years. All this time she managed to hide this fact from the public. The actress admitted that she officially filed for a divorce and did not regret it at all: "".

The transformation that made people talk about themselves

Theater and film actress Yulia Kuvarzina

From the very first roles in the cinema, Kuvarzina had a permanent role - a sweet and good-natured woman of magnificent forms. After the birth of her daughter, those extra pounds increased. However, the actress never had a complex about her excess weight and said that it was thanks to her magnificent beauty that she achieved success, because her most striking roles were the images of charming and funny donuts. But Kuvarzina was never afraid of experiments and once decided to test her willpower.

Julia Kuvarzina before and after the transformation

Several years ago, all publications about Julia Kuvarzina were devoted to her dramatic transformation: the actress managed to get rid of 22 kilograms in 3 months, while she did not drink any pills, but went in for sports, went to the pool and yoga, did massage and followed the advice your dietitian. She was then often asked questions about the secrets of such a great result, but she replied that in fact there are no secrets here - it's all about the right motivation, willpower and desire, and there is simply no single recipe for everyone.

Theater and film actress Yulia Kuvarzina

A couple of years later, Kuvarzina put on weight again, but did not worry about this. Today she knows: the main thing is to look so as to please herself and feel good. And the 42nd size was never her goal. Kuvarzina says: "".

Actress on the set of the Shards series. Season 2, 2020

Julia Kuvarzina does not consider her changes in appearance to be cardinal, but she is often called among Russian celebrities who have lost weight so much that they have changed beyond recognition.

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