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Why did the first wife, whom he adored, left Innokenty Smoktunovsky: Rimma Bykova
Why did the first wife, whom he adored, left Innokenty Smoktunovsky: Rimma Bykova

Innokenty Smoktunovsky was ready to carry his first wife in his arms and even fought desperately over her. But this marriage as a result still fell apart. But at the very beginning of the relationship, Rimma Bykov, for the sake of an actor, whom no one knew at that time, left her first husband and went to another city for her beloved Kesha. And she later became the initiator of the divorce. With her talent and love for the profession, Rimma Bykova was in no way inferior to her ex-husband.

Following a new love

Rimma Bykova in the film "Alien Relatives"

Rimma Bykova was, of course, a theater actress, but she acted in films very little. But the images she created on stage or in the cinema were invariably vivid and memorable. The audience loved and remembered the work of the actress in the films "Day Train", "Mushroom Rain" and "Autumn Story" no less than the role of Rose in the film-play "40 Sholem Aleichem Street". In total, the actress's filmography includes 8 works, and two more - in films-performances.

Rimma Bykova had much more theatrical roles, including the first plan. She played in Donetsk and Odessa, Kiev and Makhachkala, Grozny and Stalingrad, and after that she shone on the stages of Leningrad and Moscow. The actress could not be called a beauty in any way, but she had charm, charm and that very feminine "sweetness" that can drive any man crazy.

Innokenty Smoktunovsky

While working at the theater. M. Gorky in Makhachkala, Rimma Bykova married her colleague Yasinsky, whose name history has not preserved. When Innokenty Smoktunovsky appeared in the theater, real passions began to boil. Smoktunovsky had a reputation for having a dubious past. During the war, he managed to be in captivity, because of this, he received the stigma of "unreliable" and a ban on work in 39 large cities of the USSR. Smoktunovsky fell in love with Rimma at first sight and began persistently courting her.

His ardent look worried Rimma Bykov, while he himself was not at all worried about the marital status of the actress. Even the warnings of her legal spouse could not moderate the ardor of Smoktunovsky. Yasinsky, as a last argument, even beat his wife's admirer, but this did not solve the problem. Soon the actress said goodbye to her first husband and went to Innokentiy Smoktunovsky.

From passion to divorce

Rimma Bykova

And after Rimma Bykova received an invitation to work at the Stalingrad Regional Drama Theater, where she went with her second husband. More precisely, it was Smoktunovsky who was the first to move to Stalingrad, he managed to meet and make friends with colleagues, in whose company he went to meet his wife at the station. Smoktunovsky simply beamed with happiness when he saw his beloved. He picked her up in his arms and circled, not embarrassed by anyone.

The actor was generally ready to always carry Rimma in his arms. Then, at the very beginning of their life together, the spouses did not think about everyday difficulties, their thoughts were occupied by the theater, and all sorts of difficulties like unsettled life or a rather modest salary seemed very insignificant.

Innokenty Smoktunovsky

But their family happiness ended after only five years. Rimma Bykova suddenly realized that she was too hasty with her second marriage, and Innokenty Smoktunovsky began to openly annoy her. It seemed to her extremely unpleasant his manner of playing not only on stage, but also in life.The actress did not try to hide her negative emotions and allowed herself to offend her husband, calling him a tripod and even an idiot, without being embarrassed by the presence of strangers.

Innokenty Smoktunovsky sincerely did not understand how he deserved his wife's disfavor. He continued to love her, suffered from her coldness and irritation, and later began to suffer from jealousy. Upon learning that his wife was seen with a colleague in the theater, he rushed to the rehearsal, shouted insults from the hall and immediately jumped out, loudly slamming the door. And at home, amazed Rimma found all her things scattered around the room, and the dresses were completely cut to shreds.

Rimma Bykova in the film "The Rumyantsev Case"

The actress could have made a similar demarche, but her revenge was much more sophisticated. In front of her husband's eyes, she began to openly flirt with Viktor Leskov, a theater artist, in whose company she had already been seen the day before, and defiantly accepted his invitation to a restaurant. Smoktunovsky was beside himself with rage, caught up with a couple and actually pounced on his opponent with his fists. Smoktunovsky did not know how to fight, and he again got it, as once in Makhachkala from the first husband of Rimma Bykova.

Happiness on the third try

Rimma Bykova in the film These Naughty Sons

And then a meeting of the trade union committee took place, where they examined the unworthy behavior of Smoktunovsky. This was the last straw that forced the actor to write a letter of resignation, especially since his relationship with the chief director Firs Shishigin did not work out either. Leaving, Innokenty Smoktunovsky promised: they will still hear about him, not even five years will pass. They really heard about him, the name of the actor thundered all over the country.

Rimma Bykova in the play "Harold and Maud"

And only Rimma Bykova, having heard another batch of enthusiasm about her ex-husband from colleagues or acquaintances, interrupted them in mid-sentence and dismissively dismissed them, believing that Smoktunovsky was simply not capable of playing anything "like that". For five years of living together and working on the same stage, she could not understand how a talented person was next to her.

But in the person of that very Stalingrad boyfriend Viktor Leskov, she found the happiness of her whole life. She lived with him a long and happy life, in 1997 the couple got married.

Rimma Bykova in the play "Invitation to the Castle"

Rimma Bykova shone on the stages of the Lenin Komsomol and Lensovet theaters in Leningrad, for more than a quarter of a century she was a leading actress of the Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theater, for 20 years she served at the Sfera Theater.

And she always knew that she would always find support and support from her beloved husband. After Viktor Grigorievich passed away in 2004, the actress lived for only 4 years.

Innokenty Smoktunovsky became truly happy in his second marriage. He always spoke with pride and tenderness that the author of the actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky was his wife. Innokenty and Sulamith Smoktunovsky lived together for almost 40 years, sharing joys and sorrows, victories and defeats for two.

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