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Why one of the most beautiful actresses spent 46 years of her life alone: ​​Sofia Pilyavskaya
Why one of the most beautiful actresses spent 46 years of her life alone: ​​Sofia Pilyavskaya

Sofya Stanislavovna Pilyavskaya devoted her whole life to the theater, having served on the stage of the legendary Moscow Art Theater for almost 70 years. And movie lovers will remember the actress for the role of Aunt Kostik from the film "Pokrovskie Vorota". Sophia Pilyavskaya had a lot of fans, and many were ready to throw the whole world at her feet for just one favorable look. She, left alone at 42, rejected any courtship and was frankly burdened by male attention.

One big love

Sophia Pilyavskaya

They met at the theater. Sophia Pilyavskaya is a brilliant beauty, a Polish aristocrat, a student of Stanislavsky and the daughter of the chairman of the Special Board of the Supreme Court of the USSR. Nikolai Dorokhin is a talented and versatile actor of the Moscow Art Theater, the only love of Sofia Pilyavskaya, her loyal friend and caring husband.

Already at the very beginning of their married life, they had to go through a terrible test. In November 1937, Sophia's father was arrested, accusing him of collaborating with three intelligence services and declaring him an "enemy of the people." She was tormented by the unknown about the fate of her father and the stigma of "the daughter of an enemy of the people." At that time, everyone around did not even expect from her husband, but demanded renunciation of his wife and her entire family, public repentance and cooperation with the NKVD authorities.

Nikolay Dorokhin

He categorically did not accept any of the requirements. When he did not disown his wife, the authorities began to force him to write denunciations against Sophia Pilyavskaya. And if he showed weakness, write at least one line, then she could immediately disappear after her father in the dungeons. Nikolai Dorokhin did not even allow the thought of betraying the one he loved with all his heart. As a result of serious stress and anxiety about his wife, Nikolai Dorokhin suffered his first heart attack at the age of 33.

The newspapers branded Sophia's father, called him "a hardened predator with wolf eyes", "a vile traitor to the Motherland", "an enemy of the Soviet people." Sophia Stanislavovna's brother was fired from his job, and the father's daughter, born in a second marriage, was expelled from the Komsomol. Father, according to official data, was sentenced to ten years incommunicado. And only after almost 50 years, the actress learned that Stanislav Pilyavsky was shot on November 26, 1937 after torture and torture.

Sophia Pilyavskaya

Sophia Pilyavskaya remained at the Moscow Art Theater exclusively thanks to the participation of Konstantin Stanislavsky personally. He was able to defend the actress, and she still went on stage. And she later recalled how humiliated she felt in those days when high officials came to the performances. People in civilian clothes crowded behind the scenes, whose affiliation with the law enforcement agencies could not even be doubted. Before each appearance of the actress on the stage, they searched her, fearing the presence of weapons.

Sudden loss

Sophia Pilyavskaya and Nikolay Dorokhin

Sofya Pilyavskaya and Nikolai Dorokhin treated each other with touching tenderness and care. They even celebrated their birthday on the same day, because she was born on May 17, and he was born on May 18.

The actress was very friendly with Olga Knipper-Chekhova, the widow of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Their relationship could rightfully be called kinship, so traditionally Sophia Pilyavskaya and Nikolai Dorokhin went to celebrate the New Year at Olga Leonardovna's. Shortly before the onset of 1954, the couple appeared on the doorstep of Knipper-Chekhova's apartment, but suddenly Nikolai Ivanovich felt bad. The actor was gone 20 minutes before the chiming clock.The second heart attack, which overtook him at the age of 48, was fatal.

Sophia Pilyavskaya and Nikolay Dorokhin

Sofia Stanislavovna became a widow at the age of 42. She experienced her grief in silence, gritting her teeth tightly, hiding her unbearable pain behind cold restraint. Nikolai Ivanovich was the closest and dearest person to her and she could not imagine life without him even in the worst nightmare. Mom began to take care of the actress at that difficult time, and she herself tried, as best she could, to support her husband's parents, Ivan Kirillovich and Praskovya Andreevna.

Almost half a century long loyalty

Sophia Pilyavskaya was saved exclusively by work. She continued to play in the theater, however, there were few roles, she acted in films. Very soon after the death of Nikolai Dorokhin, she took up teaching at the V.I.Nemirovich-Danchenko Studio School. She generously shared with the youth the secrets of her professional skills, and the students doted on the professor, appreciated her tact, respected her professionalism and simply loved her.

Sofya Stanislavovna, however, answered them in full reciprocity. Pupils easily went to her for tea with treats, ran to ask for advice or just talk about everything in the world. And only on the night of December 31 to January 1, its doors were closed to everyone.

Sophia Pilyavskaya in the film "Pokrovskie Gates"

For 46 years, every New Year, the actress decorated the tree and was left alone. In memory of his beloved Kolenka, which no man in the world could compare with. And she didn't want to compare. She simply did not admit the thought that someone might be with her instead of a person whom she continued to love even after he left. Men continued to fall in love with her, they confessed their love to her, offered her a hand and a heart. But nothing could make Sophia Pilyavskaya pay attention to another man. Her heart was busy.

On January 21, 2000, Sophia Pilyavskaya passed away. I would like to believe that there, in the best of worlds, she again met her Kolya, so that she would never be parted again.

And in adulthood, Sophia Pilyavskaya amazed with her non-Soviet beauty, noble posture and aristocratic profile. And only close actresses knew that she really had a noble origin, her father was shot, and she herself was called the daughter of an "enemy of the people." She narrowly escaped repression but many other trials fell to its lot.

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