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4 marriages and great happiness of a little actor: Vladimir Fedorov
4 marriages and great happiness of a little actor: Vladimir Fedorov

The role of Chernomor in the fairy tale "Ruslan and Lyudmila" made Vladimir Fedorov popular throughout the country, but he himself was not at all going to become an actor, but continued to work as a nuclear physicist. Even after the phenomenal success in cinema, he did not give up science. Vladimir Anatolyevich starred in almost fifty films and wrote the same number of scientific works. Small stature never prevented him from enjoying success with women, but the actor and scientist dreamed of real happiness, which he found only on the fourth attempt.

Big ambitions of a little man

Vladimir Fedorov

Vladimir Fedorov has repeatedly said in his interviews that he has a very good reason to celebrate two birthdays. The first, when, in fact, he was born, and the second - when his mother, grabbing a baby with obvious physical features, ran away from the hospital, where she was offered to formalize the child for the collection. The reason for such a proposal was the appearance of the newborn: the boy was born only 30 cm tall, his arms and legs were disproportionately small in relation to the body, and his head, on the contrary, turned out to be too large. But my mother intended not only to save her son's life, but also to raise him to be a good person.

Vladimir Fedorov

Small in every sense, Volodya has never been complex about his appearance precisely because of his parental support and care. Since childhood, he enthusiastically played not with rattles and toy cars, but with ordinary bolts, nuts and screwdrivers, his favorite book, thanks to his mother-mathematician, were "Seven-digit tables of Bradis logarithms", without which he did not go to bed. By the age of six, they were replaced by a passion for radio electronics, and after that he firmly decided to enter MEPhI.

Parents for ten years did not allow themselves to think about being able to become parents again. They were afraid of the birth of another dwarf baby. But the middle and youngest sons were completely like dad and mom.

Vladimir Fedorov

And Volodya Fedorov in the seventh grade suddenly became the head of the family. Father had already met his new love and went to her, and my mother suddenly became very ill. It was necessary to think about food for both mother and younger brothers. Vladimir began to receive a small amount of money as a photographer, and he also repaired household appliances and electrical appliances, he could set up a sewing machine or a radio in no time.

Vladimir Fedorov

The cinema will appear in his life at the age of 32, when a young man of small stature (130 cm) meets the assistant director of the fairy tale "Ruslan and Lyudmila". After the release of the film, Vladimir Fedorov woke up famous, and offers from the directors fell on him as if from a cornucopia. At first, acting was just a hobby, because the unsurpassed Chernomor still worked at the Kurchatov Institute. And even work in the theater did not prevent him from pursuing his favorite science.

But even before the onset of glory, Vladimir Fedorov managed to experience the first disappointment in his personal life.

Three attempts to be happy

Vladimir Fedorov

For the first time, Vladimir Fedorov got married when he was 27 years old. And he chose a beautiful blonde for his wife, to whom he was always attracted. With her marriage, she challenged society, but her enthusiasm lasted only three months.And then she flew away to unknown distances with some actor who did not hesitate to prick a nuclear physicist with the fact that such a beauty could not be happy with him.

Vladimir Fedorov after such treachery came to his senses for a long time. Only a few years later, he made a second attempt to become happy. This time he led the biologist Alya down the aisle, who possessed no less beauty than his first wife. She really loved her little husband, who managed to win her heart with incredible soulfulness.

A still from the film "Ruslan and Lyudmila"

Soon Alya became pregnant and gave birth to a son. True, as a result of a tragic accident, the nurse, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, took the boy in her arms. She dropped it and the newborn died. The actor and his wife were grieving over the loss, but at the same time, they rallied in the face of adversity. And Vladimir now knew: if it were not for the nurse, the baby would be alive and well, because he was born absolutely normal.

Vladimir Fedorov

A year and a half later, Misha was born to them. It was real happiness, which Vladimir Fedorov himself let go of. They lived with Alya for 15 years, after which the actor left the family. At that time, he was already very popular, the attention of fans made him dizzy, and family life seemed monotonous and boring. Then he made attempts to return to his wife and son, but he failed. Soon after Vladimir Fedorov married for the third time, his second wife died of cancer.

Vladimir Fedorov

The actor does not like to remember his third marriage. At first everything was wonderful, in a marriage with Elena, two girls were born, one of whom inherited the appearance of her father. But it was this baby who was stronger than her sister. The spouses, when the girls grew up, began to quarrel. Life turned into a complete showdown. And then Vladimir Anatolyevich met Vera.

Happiness without conditions

Vladimir Fedorov and his Vera

Vera was 30 and she was 35 years younger than the actor. In the theater cafe, she came up first and asked permission to take a picture. Vladimir Fedorov fell in love at first sight and an hour later he proposed to her! The girl did not accept him, but she did not reject him either. All three days, while Vera was at a seminar in Moscow (she lived in Petrozavodsk), they met in the evenings. Just two months after they met, they became husband and wife. True, before the beginning of their life together, another year and a half should have passed.

Vladimir Fedorov with his wife Vera

During this time, the actor experienced another tragedy. Thieves who climbed into the house where his son lived, brutally dealt with Mikhail, inflicting multiple knife wounds on him. After this tragedy, ex-wife Elena brought her new husband to the house, and Vladimir had to move out of their common apartment.

Vladimir Fedorov with his wife Vera at his portrait, painted by Alexander Shilov

He settled in the apartment where Misha died. It was there that Vera soon arrived, and the actor understood what it means to be happy. The spouses live modestly, but very amicably. In 2016, Vladimir Anatolyevich wrote on his blog that Vera had to take care of him after a stroke. Now he knows for sure: love is not kisses and beautiful words of confession. This is an all-round defense that you have to hold in the face of illness, pills by pills and a drop of lemon tea carefully brought to your lips.

Many people of small stature managed to do what not all young talents, even those with perfect appearance, can do. They became world famous actors realized themselves in their favorite profession, and many, moreover, are happy spouses and parents. And although their characters on the screens often suffer from their small stature, the actors themselves must admit that this feature did not harm their creative destiny at all.

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