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Armenian artist paints extraordinary pictures with heroes that make you smile
Armenian artist paints extraordinary pictures with heroes that make you smile

It's no secret that contemporary artists stop at nothing to create a real sensation for the viewer. For this purpose, they use all kinds of techniques and artistic techniques, stylistics and innovative ideas. Moreover, they not only use, but also create their own, author's developments. Our today's review is for those connoisseurs of painting who appreciate extraordinary art. Meet - Aren Harutyunyan, better known in the circles of painters and admirers as Bumanz… This is an artist and sculptor, whose work is difficult to attribute to any one direction in art: it is a successful symbiosis of primitivism with mannerism and impressionism. Easier to say - to artistic inimitability.

Aren Harutyunyan. (Bumants)

If mankind recognized architecture as frozen music, then painting and sculpture most likely embody, frozen for a moment, spiritual harmony. Moreover, not every artist can move away from the realism and recognizability of the images he creates, and create something extraordinary. Bumanets succeeded one hundred percent. This master found his own recipe for individuality: symbolism, coupled with minimalism, used in the style of his works, are a real discovery for many viewers. It is this originality of the master that makes him so recognizable and in demand among fans of artistic folklore. Pictures literally make you peer into details and find real and unreal in the unconventional.

The Last Supper. / Flying Dutchman

And Bumants in his work reserves the right to naive painting, that is, how to deform an artist that will help convey his idea, his deep thought to his viewer. Which will make him ask the question:


Looking at the paintings and sculptural miniatures of Bumanets, the viewer will surely smile at the naivety and openness of the characters. It is as if the Master wants to return us to our origins, to the time when nothing fogged the soul, when nothing distorted the view of the world, when nothing weighed upon the unspoiled, sincere human soul. Such painting helps to remain a child longer, which means, to live longer a light and simple life of a person receptive to love and joy.


All the creative activity of this master from Nagorno-Karabakh can be called light and cloudless, childishly joyful and optimistic, as well as naive and direct. In his paintings, life-affirming bright colors and, at first glance, unusual characters who even look at the world around them, as it were, over themselves. Many will say - unrealistic and implausible. This is so, and after all, adults cannot indicate to a child who wants to express his vision of the world, we can only ask him, for example, why the house in their picture is smaller than the person standing next to him …


Many will probably be surprised at the deep philosophical explanation that in the concept of children - a person is more important at home, and, therefore, more. Likewise, the paintings of the artist Bumanets elevate a person above the ordinary, and his heroes fly, breaking all theories of gravity. Of course, not all of his heroes fly, but most of them direct their gaze to the sky, unnaturally throwing back their large head with slanted eyes.


It is this artistic "superficiality" and childish worldview that symbolically demonstrates an easier, freer way of relating to life. Often, Bumanz's exaggerated heroes go beyond standard reality, habitually pushing the boundaries of the possible. By the way, the artist has a peculiar view even of personalities who are widely known from biblical and mythological legends. In one word, Bumanz "invented" painting, executed in a special and unique, memorable manner.

On the couch

The artist strives to achieve harmony even in a seemingly insignificant plot. His heroes "look" at the viewer with wide-set eyes of invented or real images, where the national identity of the artist's ancestors, their age-old wisdom and faith in goodness and justice can be seen. It is kindness, emotional modesty and some surprise from their own existence that create the heroes of the paintings depicted in unpretentious and kind stories, so memorable for the audience.


Some images are emphatically simple, simple to the absolute ease of perception, and the names of the paintings, without pretentiousness and extraneous mysticism, confirm the simplicity of the portraits created. The surrounding nature is extremely schematic, ornamental, and even a solar disk, reminiscent of an ordinary wheel, does not introduce dissonance into the created landscape. Trees, mountains, animals take on incredible outlines. Houses are losing their usual boundaries, the lake reflects not what we see in the picture, the sky is not simple nothing, but clearly consists of visible fragments, but this is how the author sees the environment around us.


The master's relief technique gives his works an additional uniqueness and makes the paintings decoratively expressed, which emphasizes their originality and aesthetic harmony. At first glance, it strikes brightly, does not create unnecessary clumsy, incongruous, deliberate colors. Everything is extremely harmonious and entered into the framework of the adjacent color scale.

Seamstress. / Harpist

As a sculptor, he also loves to “paint” his stylized work using spectacular color and lighting techniques. At the same time, his sculptures are full of movement, striving forward. His sculpture is laconic and extremely clear.

Elephant. / Cupid

A few words about the artist

Artist and sculptor Aren Albertovich Harutyunyan, working under the pseudonym Bumants, was born in 1967 in the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh - the city of Stepanakert. Aren Harutyunyan has been working under the pseudonym “Boomants” for many years.

Aren Albertovich Harutyunyan is a contemporary artist and sculptor

At one time he graduated from the art school. P. Terlemezyan in 1986 and the Art and Theater Institute in Armenia in 1994. Bumanz is a participant of numerous international exhibitions, winner in the nomination "For an innovative experiment and novelty of composition" of the Moscow International Festival of Arts "Traditions and Modernity" in 2008. Bumants won the award for the uniqueness of national originality in the "Painting" nomination.


In conclusion of the review, I would like to note that the master's works perfectly fit into modern interiors as decorative ornaments. It's no secret that the human psyche is drawn to something that will help distract from the repetitiveness of life and everyday banality. Aren Harutyunyan's painting and sculpture refers precisely to such decor items: “speaking” and not empty.

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