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The magic of light and color in the mysterious still lifes of the American artist David Chafits
The magic of light and color in the mysterious still lifes of the American artist David Chafits

Looking at the works of the famous contemporary American artist David Chafits, immediately there is a desire to list all their advantages in the epithets: very bright, contrasting, colorful, juicy, textured and very realistic, as well as very mysterious, mysterious, filled with magic and magic. And they are also incredibly attractive, colorful, expressive … It seems that after viewing a selection of works by a talented master, you will have a desire to continue this series.

Perfection of incompleteness

Still life with a cast-iron pot. Artist: David Cheifetz

Often in painting, many artists use a sketchy manner of writing, which implies a certain understatement and incompleteness. But David Cheifetz (Cheifetz David) was able to masterfully combine in his work and understatement of the etude manner, and abstractionism, and realism, which formed the unique author's style of the painter. An exquisite combination of colors, a play of contrasts, realism and saturation - all this breathes life into the master's work. Therefore, having seen his work once, it is really impossible to forget them.

Antique silverware. Artist: David Cheifetz

There is in the works of David, something from the old Dutch still lifes, where a dark background plays a special role. It contrasts incredibly with the brightness, richness, glow of objects that often have no clear boundaries. Hence, the viewer gets the impression that the entire subject line is surrounded by a light shell, similar to an aura or some kind of haze.

Artifacts. Artist: David Cheifetz

The young artist learned to masterfully show the uniqueness and charm in everyday things, as well as to feel and convey the beauty of old objects. He also found a zest in the minimalism of compositions, which is aerobatics in his painting. His realistic style of painting is also quite unusual: rich colors, frequent contrasting combinations, play of light and shadow, fine detailing and texture. Sometimes there is a desire to touch this or that object with your hands in order to feel that it is really drawn, and not real.

Flame and ice. Artist: David Cheifetz

The light and colors of each master's work are painfully attractive. Bright highlights, contrasting shadows and colored reflexes emphasize the powerful energy of each canvas so much that it is simply impossible to take your eyes off them.

Morning coffee. Artist: David Cheifetz

It is worth especially noting reflexes, which, lying not only on adjacent objects, drapery and object plane, and even air space, incredibly enliven the paintings and give them a special charm and a certain mystery.

Still life with pumpkin Still life with grapes. Artist: David Cheifetz Still life with yellow roses. Artist: David Cheifetz Still lifes. Artist: David Cheifetz Still life with a coffee maker. Artist: David Cheifetz 3 Artist: David Cheifetz Still lifes. Artist: David Cheifetz

Portraits and Landscapes by David Chafits

Night city. Artist: David Cheifetz

In addition to the wonderful still lifes that made this artist famous all over the world, he also works in other painting genres. He paints portraits, city landscapes, fantastic subjects, in which he also uses his favorite techniques.

Portrait of Jasmine. Artist: David Cheifetz Despair. Artist: David Cheifetz

And, as we can see, the lively, sketchy manner of writing by David Chafits, accentuated by the light effect, his strong body brushstroke, as well as minimal overload of details, speaks of the great talent of the young artist, who has great creative prospects ahead.

Jasmine. Artist: David Cheifetz

And the incompleteness of the paintings completely creates the impression in the viewer that the artist will now enter with a magic brush and finish his work with one stroke. Isn't that magic?

About the artist

David Cheifetz was born in 1981 in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. In 2004, he graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Fine Arts and Architecture. After working as an architect for several years, he decided to study painting. In 2007 he entered the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore. He studied the basics of painting in several courses at once. And he improved his skills, taking lessons from the best artists. Since 2009, he completely plunged into creativity, becoming a professional artist. And soon he received wide recognition and awards.

David Chafits is an American artist

In September 2010, one of the popular art magazines named him as a "rising star" among artists under the age of 30. And two years later, several major art publications wrote about him. The artist currently lives and works in Palo Alto, California with his wife, Jasmine.

And today David Cheifetz is a famous painter of the United States of America. Every year he takes part in various exhibitions, including personal ones. His paintings go to private collections of collectors, and not only in the United States. The artist's works are still estimated at between $ 900 and $ 3500. And if you consider that the size of his "miniatures" fluctuate within 30x40 cm, then this is a pretty good start for a young promising master.

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