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How was the life of Irina Selezneva, who, because of her first husband Maxim Leonidov, was left alone in a foreign country
How was the life of Irina Selezneva, who, because of her first husband Maxim Leonidov, was left alone in a foreign country

Her career in the Soviet Union was quite successful. After graduating from LGITMiK, Irina Selezneva worked at the BDT with Georgy Tovstonogov, became famous after filming the film "The Kreutzer Sonata" by Mikhail Schweitzer, where she starred with Oleg Yankovsky, moved to the Maly Drama Theater. And then, at the insistence of her husband Maxim Leonidov, she left with him to Israel. Only now he soon returned to Russia, and she was left alone in a foreign country.

Farewell to homeland

Irina Selezneva and Maxim Leonidov

When on October 22, 1990, she left the apartment on the Moika, where she lived with her husband Maxim Leonidov and his parents, the only consolation for Irina Selezneva was only a good, strong family. She understood that in Israel, where they were leaving, the career of an actress would be over, because she did not know the language.

On that day, tears flowed down the actress's cheeks, she categorically did not want to leave, but Maxim Leonidov was still able to convince his wife, and she gave her consent to leave. She said goodbye to the Maly Drama Theater, where she served in recent years, remembered the brightest moments of her work in Soviet cinema and tried to set herself up in a positive way.

Irina Selezneva and Maxim Leonidov on their wedding day

The main thing is that she and Maxim loved each other, and this was to become the guarantee of her further happy life. Moreover, Leonidov himself lost much more. He was very popular. His beat quartet "Secret" was a success and attracted thousands of people to their concerts. True, by the time of departure, the group had already disbanded, but he began a solo career and was still famous.

Foreign country

Irina Selezneva and Maxim Leonidov

In Israel, the family started from scratch. Ironically, Irina Selezneva was more fortunate in the professional field. Just two months after her arrival, she was invited to the Tel Aviv Chamber Theater. Director Ilan Ronen, who learned from the artistic director of the Maly Drama Theater Lev Dodin about the leading actress's move to Israel, immediately ordered to find Irina Selezneva. After the audition, a solo show "Russian Love" was staged especially for her, which soon won the first prize at the "Teatronetto" festival.

Irina Selezneva

The audience and the jury were surprised: the Russian actress, who arrived in the country only two months ago, read Russian classics in Hebrew. This is what helped Irina to learn the language very quickly. Now she could fully work in the Israeli theater, where she embodied many vivid images on stage, including Nina Zarechnaya in The Seagull.

Maxim Leonidov at that time tried to conquer the musical Olympus, but things were worse for him than at home. Over time, he increasingly began to travel to Russia and talk about his return, and after another trip, he even stated that he fell in love with another. And he went to her, taking his mother, grandfather and grandmother with him. Irina Selezneva was left completely alone in a foreign country.

After the divorce, life is just beginning

Irina Selezneva on the stage of the Tel Aviv theater

The divorce from Leonidov was difficult and painful. The actress was especially offended by the reproach that she refused to give birth to a child. In fact, it was a mutual decision, the spouses wanted to acquire their own housing, and only then become parents. According to Irina Selezneva, Maxim behaved dishonestly, but she herself was not up to par, experiencing a burning resentment. Irina was helped by her new homeland.When it was unbearably difficult for her, she went to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and there she physically felt the support of God. Each time she left the shrine with the feeling that everything would be good in her life.

Irina Selezneva

And soon a new love entered her life. At one of the parties where Irina, mourning her ruined family life, was literally forced to go by friends, she met Wilfred. It was an inspiration, love at first sight. After the first meeting, he flew home to England, but promised to return. And he flew in just a week later. He supported her in the most difficult moments and waited three years for her divorce proceedings to end to propose.

In their relationship there was no storm of passions, serenades under the windows or armfuls of flowers at their feet. Wilf lived for a long time himself and raised his daughter Briny from his first marriage, which could not but command respect. He did not scatter beautiful words, did not shower his beloved with jewelry, he was simply always there, and then put a wedding ring on her finger.

Irina Selezneva with her husband, his daughter and granddaughter

The lovers signed at the local mayor's office, modestly celebrated the event with friends and will soon celebrate a quarter of a century since they met. They have been married for 21 years and have never been disappointed that they once took an oath of allegiance to each other.

She soon moved to her husband's homeland in Newcastle. There she could no longer devote herself to the theater, and therefore gradually switched to the affairs of her husband, who was engaged in the hotel business. It all started with one hotel in Newcastle, and now the actress's husband has a whole chain of hotels around the world. Irina Selezneva takes part in negotiations, helps with documents and feels completely happy.

Irina Selezneva with her husband and granddaughter

She has no children of her own, but her husband's daughter, Briny, became her own for the actress, although at the time of her father's marriage, the girl was already 22 years old. I fell in love with the newly-minted grandmother and the eldest granddaughter of Wilf Daisy, and the younger Fleur does not like Irina, whom she calls Nanni Irene.

Now, from the height of her past years, Irina is ready to thank Maxim Leonidov. His departure was the beginning of a new, very happy period in her life. Today she lives with her husband in her home in the small town of Whitley Chapel, travels with her husband around the world and enjoys the opportunity to feel loved and protected.

The first husband of the actress Maxim Leonidov fate also tested its strength more than once. His fans perceive creativity in different ways. Some consider him an interesting and talented musician, while others - eccentric and incomprehensible.

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