This artist knows what love looks like when no one sees you two
This artist knows what love looks like when no one sees you two
Relationship illustrations from Amanda Oleander

The works of the American artist Amanda Oleander literally blew up the Internet with the universality of their plots: perhaps almost every couple in a long-term relationship can recognize themselves in her drawings. "Yes, it's copied directly from me!" - this is the most frequent comment under Amanda's illustrations on her Instagram. The artist skillfully captures such intimate moments that perfectly characterize lovers who have nothing to hide from each other and who completely trust each other.

Okay, come on already. Instagram amandaoleander Your relationship has taken on a new level if you can change your tampon with him. Instagram amandaoleander

As Amanda Oleander admits, she mostly takes inspiration for her works from her own life - for three years now she has been living with her boyfriend Joey Rudman. “He's the sweetest guy I've ever met, - admits Amanda. - Before I met Joey, I would never have believed if someone told me that I would have this kind of relationship. just a fairy tale. We just can't get enough of each other."

Illustration based on a commentary on one of the works. Instagram amandaoleander When you cook for your loved one. Instagram amandaoleander

Considering that Amanda is an extremely prolific artist (for the last 9 months she has been drawing every day, and besides that she has also been working on three large works in parallel), sometimes she also takes plots for her illustrations from the lives of her acquaintances. “I really, really like the way people behave behind closed doors, all these intimate actions that we perform when no one sees us. These are the moments that are usually difficult to describe in words - as soon as they are voiced, people will stop behaving this way. So I decided to just draw them."

Sleeping in the afternoon is best. Especially if the dog sneaks onto the bed unnoticed, even if it shouldn't. Instagram amandaoleander Multitasking after the birth of a child. Instagram amandaoleander

Indeed, some moments from life together can be somewhat inconvenient to describe out loud, but when you see in the picture that other people behave in the same way, it becomes funny and warm at the same time. The simple moments when you don't have to pretend or "behave", when you can just relax and enjoy the fact that you have a loved one next to you - that means a lot, not only for Amanda, but, perhaps, for most of us.

Saying goodbye is always hard, even if you're apart for a couple of hours. Instagram amandaoleander A sudden hug is best. Instagram amandaoleander When it’s time to sleep, and he is still playing computer games. Instagram amandaoleander You lie in my hair. - Yes, but they are all over the bed! Instagram amandaoleander When it's winter, and he is away. Instagram amandaoleander I scratched his back and found something along the way. Instagram amandaoleander When you melt from his kiss. Instagram amandaoleander I forgot the towel! Instagram amandaoleander Our relationship began with books. Instagram amandaoleander

The artist who hides behind the initials HJ also creates illustrations of the relationship with his girlfriend, and then his wife. He himself says that it was difficult for him to convey all the feelings that overwhelmed him with words and therefore he drew those situations, who most of all appreciated in his relationship with his beloved.

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