The girl quit her job to fulfill her cherished dream and shares beautiful photos of dreams come true
The girl quit her job to fulfill her cherished dream and shares beautiful photos of dreams come true

All people love to dream. Especially in childhood. Then we grow up and begin to believe that the time of dreams has passed, we need to live a real life. Here the most important trap awaits us, for reality is by no means what surrounds us. We create reality ourselves, and if it is not as rosy as we would like, it is still only the fruit of our ideas, thoughts and actions. Dreams help people achieve those heights that they passionately desire to achieve. The story of a cherished childhood dream that came true, further in the review.

Manarola / Cinque Terre, Italy

It is simply impossible for a person to live by one reality, which is by no means the most rosy. The dream helps everyone to go towards their goal. Michelle von Kalben is a young girl who lives in Germany. She is twenty-three years old and she made all her dreams come true.

Levi, Finland Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy Tuscany, Italy

Michelle worked as a photographer and digital artist and led an ordinary, unremarkable life. Since childhood, she dreamed of traveling, seeing the world. The girl's most passionate desire was to make a profit, doing only what lies in her heart. All her dreams would have remained just dreams, if one day Michelle did not decide for herself that everything would be enough to dream, it was time to achieve your goals.

Stockness Beach, Iceland Burg Eltz, Germany

The artist quit her permanent job and went to travel. She visited many beautiful places in different parts of our planet, where she took incredible beauty photos.

Senja, Norway

Michelle von Kalben posts her great photos on her Instagram. Now she has thirty thousand subscribers, she is an entrepreneur and owner of an online business.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

In fact, the world is much more malleable than it seems. It has everything we need. We just have to take it.

Riisitunturi, Finland

As a child, we all believe that we can do anything. We will grow up and become whoever we want and will only do what we like. When we grow up, we suddenly find out that all this is forbidden. We are constantly being told that we need to grow up and stop living in dreams, that we should behave reasonably and not set ourselves too high, unattainable goals.

Dolomites, Italy Kvernoufoss, Iceland

We break down and stop believing that we can make our dreams come true. We plunge into a boring life and force ourselves to live like this, losing faith in a miracle and in ourselves.

Petra, Jordan

Michelle took a decisive step, deciding to fulfill her dreams by all means. The girl threw herself into the unknown with her head. When she was just starting her journey, she was not quite aware of what she would eventually come to.

Helsinki, Finland Lapland, Finland

Michelle says: “In the beginning, my knowledge of social media was nil. I literally had no idea what was actually possible with them. This is becoming more and more important in our society day by day. One day, I finally decided to change my limiting thinking. I realized that I was ready to put in a lot of effort to make it work. And I did it”.

Percia, Italy Lofoten Islands, Norway “Under the surface” is digital art

Today Michelle is absolutely happy and tries to help other people fulfill their cherished dreams. After all, our life is one moment. And only we ourselves can make it better. Thus, our life, step by step, moment by moment, takes on meaning on the way to a dream.

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