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How Oleg Gazmanov arranged his ship-house in the Moscow region, an estate in Italy and an apartment in Latvia
How Oleg Gazmanov arranged his ship-house in the Moscow region, an estate in Italy and an apartment in Latvia

Celebrities of show business often decorate their country houses and cottages in a special, not quite ordinary style, introducing all their incredible fantasies. That's Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov he built himself a large wooden house, similar to a ship on the shore of a lake in the elite village of Serebryany Bor according to the author's project, as well as a villa in Italy in the best traditions of a Tuscan farm. And, since many fans who closely follow the life of a star are interested in knowing how their idol lives, today they will have the opportunity to look at his country house-ship surrounded by forest and a villa in the hilly countryside of Italy.

During his creative career, the singer, having earned the recognition of the domestic public, has received many prestigious awards and statuses. And this allowed him to receive decent royalties and invest them in his dreams.

House-ship in the suburbs

The artist acquired a plot in a picturesque area of ​​the Moscow region more than 25 years ago, when he moved from Kaliningrad to the capital. This area is widely known for its marvelous nature and clean air. The village of Serebryany Bor itself is considered unique in its kind - it is beautiful both in winter and in summer.

A two-story wooden mansion in Serebryany Bor of the Gazmanov family

A few years after the acquisition of a plot of 15 acres, namely for the birth of his daughter, a two-story wooden mansion with an area of ​​more than 500 square meters was erected, where the artist's family moved in. As they say, away from the bustle of the city and closer to nature, there is a century-old forest nearby, a wonderful lake called Bottomless.

A wooden building is the first thing that catches your eye when looking at a two-story pine cottage with a wonderful attic. The choice fell on the tree for several reasons. Firstly, it is environmentally friendly, safe and durable, and secondly, it fits perfectly into the beauty of the surrounding nature. Gazmanov initially wanted his house not to introduce disharmony into the identity of Serebryany Bor. It was this idea that formed the basis of the author's project of a two-story house, which was built according to an individual architectural project, taking into account all the wishes and design ideas of Oleg Mikhailovich and his wife.

House-ship in Serebryany Bor by Oleg Gazmanov

If you look at its facade, then, for sure, many will have an association with a real ship. It's all about the special triangular design of the balcony-terrace, which can be accessed from the second floor. And to maximize the resemblance to a wooden sailing ship, a captain's platform was equipped on the terrace. A ship bell (ship's bell), a real steering wheel, as well as a stretched rope, along which you can go down from the bedroom of the second floor directly to the street - all these elements fit perfectly into the design concept of the mansion, and now serve as its key decoration. As you can see, the maritime theme never let the artist go. Recall that Oleg Gazmanov is a former sailor. He spent more than three years on various ships, and retired with the rank of captain of the 3rd rank. It is from here that the singer has an irresistible attraction to the marine theme.

Oleg Gazmanov at the helm

But the author's interior design and home improvement is the painstaking work of the second wife of Oleg Gazmanov, a designer by profession.Possessing impeccable taste, she designed the home in a minimalist style, but at the same time boldly used bright color combinations, exotic elements, as well as modern painting.

Oleg Gazmanov with his wife Marina in a room with a fireplace

As a professional designer, Marina skillfully combined eco, ethno and modern styles in the interior design of her own home. In addition, she arranged it, taking into account the wishes of all household members. Therefore, everything, even the smallest details in the interior, are selected with a special taste and warmth. The general color scheme is made in light colors. Wood and tile finishes were used throughout.

Many other bright and interesting design ideas are embodied in the interior of Oleg Gazmanov's country house: two-level rooms and elegant staircases, large panoramic windows and a minimum of internal partitions (and those that are made of glass), which allowed a lot of sunlight to enter the house. …

Living room that turns into a winter garden

The first floor in the center is occupied by a spacious living room, in which everything is provided: a seating area, and a luxurious winter garden under a glass roof, and a place for watching movies. For this, a huge screen is lowered from above.

Music studio of Oleg Gazmanov

A full-fledged music studio with excellent soundproofing, where the head of the family is engaged in creativity, adjoins the living room on one side. And when a company gathers - fries kebabs - from the music studio there is an exit to a mini-terrace, where a barbecue is equipped.

In a Finnish sauna

On the other wing there is a well-equipped Finnish sauna and Russian bath, where you can relax after exhausting work. There is also a large kitchen-dining room on the ground floor.

On the second floor, they set up a study-library, bedrooms for all family members, rooms for guests. Huge paintings, hung almost throughout the house, look very impressive, and perennial indoor plants and flowers are also placed everywhere, creating a favorable atmosphere for life and creativity.

Natural landscape around the house

The windows of the mansion offer a beautiful view of green lawns and a picturesque pine forest, which begins right behind the fence. The backyard area is planted with ornamental shrubs, forming a neat evergreen lawn, framed by thujas and spruces around the perimeter. The landscape design of Oleg Gazmanov's country house is literally full of life.

Active rest of the Gazmanov family

The owners take pride in the fact that they live practically in nature. In order for the artist to maintain excellent physical shape, there is a platform for physical exercises on the territory near the house. Every morning, Oleg Gazmanov arranges a bike ride or goes for a jog, and also loves to walk in the forest with his dog or swim on the lake by boat. Active training in the fresh air has become an integral part of the artist's healthy lifestyle.

Oleg Gazmanov with his wife and daughter in the living room

Villa in Italy

View from the window of Gazmanov's mansion in Tuscany

As you already understood, the singer still owns a villa in Italy at the moment. Once Gazmanov acquired an estate in Tuscany in a stunning area, practically untouched by civilization, and built a house in the best traditions of a Tuscan farm. The artist wanted to make it as environmentally friendly as possible, so mainly natural building materials - stone and wood - were used in construction and decoration.

Oleg Gazmanov and his son Philip compete in endurance at a villa in Tuscany

The singer also made sure that the kitchen was in Italian style. The stove and utensils are located in a spacious stone niche. The unusual cooking space smoothly merges into the dining room with a large panoramic window. There are practically no urban infrastructure facilities here, so the singer and his family can enjoy the beautiful views of Italian nature.

Marital bed of the Gazmanov couple

The estate in Tuscany, although not very large, includes: an orchard with wonderful landscaping, a swimming pool with a beautiful wooden deck, a stone oven, on which you can cook chic kebabs. The house itself was built according to the ancient Italian technology - from hewn stone, which gave it a special flavor.

Distressed apartment in the Baltics

The singer also owns luxury apartments in the Baltics, which he has not used since the acquisition. Due to the busy tour schedule and visa problems, the Baltic apartments remain idle, waiting for their owner.

Oleg Gazmanov with his pet

Summing up the above, I would like to note that the artist, having, of course, the opportunity to do so, chose for himself the area, and projects, and the design of dwellings consonant with his broad soul. Oleg Gazmanov needs freedom, space and complete removal from the bustle of the city. It is such a calm and peaceful atmosphere that inspires the singer and composer to the creative process.

Each person tries to equip his home according to his character and disposition, and even more so celebrities. For example, famous actor Alexander Baluev once designed his house in the old Russian style… Over the years, this style, chosen by the artist, has not lost its original idea even after a major overhaul, although it has become more modern.


And returning to the above, I would like to note: the ship bell of the Moscow Region House often gathered the children of Oleg Gazmanov, when they were small, to the dinner table. The artist has three of them: the eldest son Rodion (1981) - from his first marriage, in alliance with Marina, the daughter Marianna (2003) was born and there is also the son of the second wife - Philip (1997), whom Gazmanov brings up from infancy and considers his own. Now the young man lives in London, but here he has his own corner. Coming to visit from England to his parents' house, he undertakes to paint here. Rodion also often visits his father.

Oleg Gazmanov with his wife Marina and children under the roof of his house

You can learn more about the personal life of the singer, who is about to turn 70 years old, from our publication: The only muse of Oleg Gazmanov, whom he had been seeking for years, took away from Mavrodi and dedicated the best hits about love.

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