It became known which books Russian men prefer to read
It became known which books Russian men prefer to read
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On the eve of Defender of the Fatherland Day, domestic analysts conducted a study to find out which writers' books Russian men prefer to read.

It turned out that the most popular writers among the Russian stronger sex are the Russian classic Fyodor Dostoevsky and the American prose writer Stephen King. About 70% of the male respondents stated that they read books every day, while the rest - several times a week.

Analysts of "Liters", namely they conducted the study, noted that in addition to Dostoevsky and King (approximately 12 percent of respondents), the first five were the brothers Strugatsky and J.R.R. Tolkien (these authors scored 5 percent). All other respondents chose the item "Other" in the questionnaire.

When it came to literary genres preferred by Russian male readers, it turned out that the first pestle is fiction and fantasy. Then, in descending order, there are classic and scientific literature, detective stories and thrillers. Russian men are categorically opposed to love affairs. Almost 75% of respondents voted against this genre.

On the whole, experts note that the period of self-isolation became the time when Russians started self-development and psychology, and began to read more. At the same time, interest in the classics remained and the popularity of e-books increased.

Analysts compared early 2020 and current sales and noted a 50% increase in the e-book segment. Litvak clearly leads among authors in comparison with 202 with the book "7 Steps to Stable Self-Esteem". It seems that in self-isolation, the Russians decided to take care of themselves and find answers to internal questions.

The demand for esoteric literature has also grown significantly. However, all the times of crisis in Russia were associated with a craving for the unknown - mediums, books, TV programs.

The popularity of books also increased in the segment of children's literature, as well as books for teenagers, popular psychology, books on preparing for school and children's development.

And yet the main segment in which people make book purchases is classic literature, and among the most sought-after authors are Remarque, Orwell, Aldous, Gabriel García Márquez. And the book "The Plague" by Albert Camus aroused particular interest among readers, perhaps because it became a reflection of the current situation.

Among the best-selling books, analysts named "Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes" by Guzeli Yakhina, "Secret Support: Affection in the Life of a Child" by Lyudmila Petranovskaya, "All Tales for Kids" by Samuil Marshak. The books of Mikhail Labkovsky are of continuing interest to the modern reader.

At the same time, sales of traditional books fell by 70%, all because virtually all bookstores are closed. Currently, there are only 2 channels left for selling books - departments in grocery stores and online stores. With the latter, the situation is different. In some, sales declined, while in others they went up significantly. If we talk about the sale of books in specialized departments of grocery stores, then this is also not so simple: in the walking shops, sales increased slightly, and in large hypermarkets they went down. But in general, analysts are reporting a drop in sales in this sector.

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