Russians prefer to read Russian literature
Russians prefer to read Russian literature
Russians prefer to read Russian literature

The company "Liters" - one of the largest sellers of licensed e-books in Russia - conducted a small study. According to the results of the study, the company's experts found that the majority of Russians prefer Russian literature.

In the electronic format, all the same “paper” record holders are in the lead in sales - Daria Dontsova, Alexandra Marinina and Tatyana Polyakova. The books of these writers, according to experts, the domestic reader mainly buys for "consumption" in the metro and other public transport. Last year Russians were especially interested in the book “History of the Russian State”, written by Boris Akunin. Over the past year, this book managed to enter the top 5 in 11 regions at once, and in three more, it was recognized as the most read.

Sergei Lukyanenko, whose works are the most recognizable among fellow citizens, remains the leader of science fiction on the front of Russian literature. Most often, such books by Lukyanenko as "Zastava" and "New Patrol" are bought in electronic format.

Russians and foreign literature love to read in electronic format. According to "Liters", books by Dan Brown became the leaders in licensed sales. In particular, the writer's last book at the moment - the pseudo-historical thriller "Inferno", a continuation of the legendary novel "The Da Vinci Code" - has become a sales leader in Moscow, its region and three other regions of the country. E.L. James, with her sensational erotic trilogy "Fifty Shades …".

Popular in Russia, as the study shows, and educational literature. In many regions, English dictionaries and self-study guides account for a significant proportion of e-book purchases. In several regions of the country, an unusual interest in the world classics was noted, in particular, in the works of William Thackeray, Remarque, Francis Fitzgerald.

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