Singer Manizha changed the lyrics for Eurovision
Singer Manizha changed the lyrics for Eurovision
Singer Manizha changed the lyrics for Eurovision

Singer Manizha (Manizha Sangin), who will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest this year, held her first rehearsal in Holland and answered a number of questions from journalists. A video of her performance has already appeared on the YouTube channel of the competition.

Answering journalists' questions, Manizha made a confession that she "in some way" changed the text of the scandalous song "Russian Woman". So, the line, which in translation from English sounded like "You are strong enough to bounce off the wall," she replaced with the phrase "You are strong enough, you can break the wall."

The footage from the rehearsal shows that the singer appears on stage in a huge dress made of scraps of fabric. According to the singer herself, women from all over the country sent her scraps of national costumes of their regions. True, the performance on stage took place in a working red overalls, which should symbolize the hard work of Russian women.

Together with the Russian representative, 3 backing vocalists will appear on the stage, and photos of women of different ages, celebrities and representatives of small peoples will appear on the screen in the background. The words of the song "Russian Woman" will be formed from these videos in the final part of the issue.

Recall that this year the Eurovision Song Contest will be held from 18 to 22 May in the Dutch Rotterdam. The representative from Russia will be number 3 in the first semi-final. In Russia, the competition will be broadcasted by Channel One.

The song of the performer Manizha won the national qualifying competition in the audience vote live on Channel One on March 8. Duet # 2Mashi also applied for participation in the international competition, and in addition to her, Therr group applied for participation in the music competition.

After the announcement of the selection results, politicians and musicians sharply criticized the song Manizha. In particular, Leonid Agutin said that it was a shame to travel abroad with such a song. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation even received a complaint, the authors of which claim that the song is offensive to Russian women and endangers the country's national treasure.

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