Song Manizha nominated for Best Lyrics Award
Song Manizha nominated for Best Lyrics Award
Song Manizha nominated for Best Lyrics Award

The jury of the Eurovision Song Contest has yet to name the winner of this year, and the song of the singer Manizha “Russian Woman”, which will sound in the program of the contest, has become a nominee for the Eurostory Award, which is traditionally awarded for the best text.

The representative of the jury said that the song of the representative of Russia not only tells about the strength of the Russian woman, but also reveals the topic of sexist stereotypes widespread in the world. Let us remind you that the narration in the song is conducted from the perspective of a little girl, and in the chorus it is a call to all Russian women to believe in themselves.

The jury concludes: “A baby who does not dare to cross the field alone, at some point begins to seem like something much more than just a memory. The heroine of the song is a metaphor for women all over the world who cannot cross the street without fear of harassment."

The song "Russian Woman" was written in 2020 for International Women's Day and sounded for the first time a year later. In addition to Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Bulgaria were nominated for the award. Voting is conducted on the Eurostory Award website. At the moment, Manizha is the undisputed leader - she has 43% of the votes.

Recently, on the air of the Musicality show, the Russian prima donna Alla Pugacheva supported Manizha Sangin, who will represent Russia at an international music competition.

The media quotes the words of Alla Pugacheva: “Firstly, she is a person. The song [Russian Woman] is just for Eurovision. In general, I would start with the fact that: "I know that I will not get anything, but I am a Russian woman, I spit on everything." Such a text would be great."

The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon also commented on Minizhi's work. He expressed admiration for his countrywoman: “Keep it up! Praise and respect to her that she does not hide that she was born in Tajikistan, and everywhere declares this. And now she is a citizen of Russia."

The bookmakers also expressed their opinion about the chances of winning Eurovision-2021. In their opinion, performers from Switzerland, Malta and France have the highest chances of winning. All comers can already make their predictions and expect the development of events at the competition.

According to analysts, the probability of a singer's victory from Malta is 18%, from Switzerland - 13%, France - 11%. Italy and Bulgaria are in the top five - their probability is about 7%. According to bookmakers, the singer Manizha, who will perform from Russia, will be in 14th place. Her chances of winning are only 2%.

Recall that the international song contest "Eurovision-2021" this year will be held from 18 to 22 May in Rotterdam at the Ahoy arena. Manija was chosen as a representative for the Eurovision Song Contest during the national selection on March 8 on the air of Channel One.

The video of the singer Manizhi Sangin (Manizha) for the song "Russian Woman" on the official channel of the Eurovision music contest on YouTube has collected 6, 73 million views. Her video became the most popular of the songs submitted for the competition in 2021.

In second place was Hurricane's video for the song "Loco Loco", in third place was "Mata Hari" by singer Efendi. But at the same time, analysts note that the ratio of dislikes to likes in Manizhe's video is worse than in most videos prepared for the competition.

The most popular video on the Eurovision channel called the clip of the Russian group Little Big "Uno". This group was supposed to represent Russia in the 202 year competition, but due to the coronavirus, the competition was canceled.

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