23 ugliest fashion items in the world that designers have clearly overdone
23 ugliest fashion items in the world that designers have clearly overdone

Everyone has a different idea of ​​beauty. After all, the very sense of beauty, just like the sense of humor, is strictly subjective and based on the unique experience of each individual person. I would like to add a hackneyed one: there are no comrades for taste and color. Despite this, people are divided into two opposing camps: some say that beauty and aesthetics are our everything, others that the most important thing is practicality. Let's try to figure out which of them is actually right?

People are very fond of hanging labels on everything and stigmatizing with categorical judgments. I propose to admire the strangest things found on the Internet. They are so crazy that sometimes they are even good. There is a whole community on Instagram called Ugly Design. The page has over half a million subscribers. New publications here are eagerly awaited by users.

It's even scary to guess what the designer was thinking … When you want to be on the beach, really

Here are some of the ugliest designs out there. You may have met them before. Write in the comments what you think is the most impressive of the presented.

To me, this embroidery looks pretty nasty

Every time we meet something strange and wild, we strive to capture it. The digital age, after all! Ugly Design is not perfect aesthetics, but it is something that attracts attention, it is completely unpredictable and there is a certain amount of charm in this.

When the designer got carried away … These candles evoke mixed feelings

People who shoot this kind of thing on camera say they are inspired to post ugly designs by how unexpected it can be. A lot of it looks crazy, it surprises and makes us laugh. So, in fact, it's great! Among other things, the topic of ugly design is simply inexhaustible!

Who would like to wear a skirt like this? A very uncomfortable armchair, I guess

Failures in design can be very different - it is a manifestation of inappropriate maximalism and just an initially bad idea. Such things cover everything: luxurious furniture, jewelry, fashionable clothes and shoes, manicure, architecture …

It looks funny. I wonder if the visitor knows what he looks like from behind? Looks realistic Honestly, I even really like this bed!

Something may seem strange, something funny, but something really disgusting. One thing is invariable - it is a wonderful source of inspiration and joy.

A very creative design for the toothbrush holder

Ugly Design's mission is to find unexpected, unusual and bizarre designs and then share them with the world. The page creators believe minimalism is a dead end.

Nice little cafe The girl has a specific sense of beauty

One of the founders, Sebastian, who calls himself a "pro googler", is a partner in a small graphic design and typewriter studio and is a master class leader in fingerprints. Another founder, Jonas, studies design at ECAL in Switzerland and works as a designer for a furniture company in Stockholm.

No lighter? An unexpected plot twist

According to Sebastian, he considers the ugly to be truly beautiful. "I would cry if there were no more ugly things, if all our surrounding objects looked exactly the same."

This is really disgusting! Probably very convenient!

Just imagine how suffocatingly boring our everyday life would become if everything were equally beautiful, flawlessly aesthetically pleasing, and there would be absolutely no contrast with ugly things.

When your grandparents are secret agents! She tried very hard!

The worst thing is that there would be nothing to which we could point, joyfully shouting: “My God, look at this! What is it?! Fi, what a nightmare! " After all, this is such an important part of human existence and we do not want to give up on it.This is why Ugly Design is so successful.

A very useful thing when you are on a diet

The roots of Ugly Design go back to 2013. It was during this time that Sebastian and Jonas met while studying design in Switzerland. Once they went together to an international furniture fair in Milan, where they saw a bathtub, which was made in the shape of a sofa. After that, friends began to compete in who can come up with the ugliest design.

Here's a really creepy looking thing!

The Ugly Design idea was fully realized in 2015. A page on Instagram was created, which gained great popularity and still successfully exists today, bringing a sense of aesthetic dissonance to the ideal perception of some people.


Designers want to share what they call “alternative aesthetics,” which is radically different from what we're used to seeing on Instagram. For this page, the uglier the better.

I do not know the person on the print, but apparently in front of me is his true fan!

Jonas adds: “In the beginning, we viewed ugliness in design as a negative phenomenon and tried to highlight designs that we were taught to think of as bad. Gradually, we began to see a lot of nuances in this ugly aesthetic, and we no longer consider ugly negative or derogatory."

At home kissing is very romantic!

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