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Contemporary art ARTKALLISTA for sophisticated connoisseurs
Contemporary art ARTKALLISTA for sophisticated connoisseurs

- says the famous graphic artist and painter Fomiryakov Georgy Gennadievich about ARTKALLISTA's paintings.

The world of pictorial art does not stand still, this is accompanied by the emergence of new materials that make it possible for the emergence of new styles in the global art sphere. Unfortunately or fortunately, the formation of new directions is inevitable, the law of evolution.

It is important to be able to see, feel and perceive something completely new, unusual, unlike anything else. There is no need to be afraid of this, but on the contrary, it is necessary to pay special, close attention to this "new". It is the one who is successful who notices these changes in time and has the courage to replenish his collections with unusual art works of young and promising artists. One of these artists is Kallista Ivanova, with whom the best galleries want to work, whose works are of interest to true collectors; her paintings and sculptures are growing in value from year to year.

It's time to pay attention to a new direction in the world of contemporary art called ARTKALLISTA Style, which was created by the international artist of contemporary art Kallista Ivanova.

Ivanova Kallista Samvelovna - famous Russian artist with Armenian roots; the author of the ARTKALLISTA Style; participant and winner of all-Russian and international projects in the field of art. Works in the ARTKALLISTA style are in museum and private collections in Russia and abroad. Especially for the Embassy of England, the talented artist created the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the painting MATRYOSHKA - a symbol of bilateral relations between Russia and England. Kallista Ivanova is a participant in numerous exhibition projects in countries such as Russia, France, Italy, Slovenia, India, Serbia, Holland, Monaco, China, Israel, Greece, etc. In 2019, Callista Ivanova was included in the international list of the 100 best artists of the future.

Artist Callista Ivanova

The artist became the creator of a new direction in the world of contemporary art, therefore her original technique and style were named ARTKALLISTA.

ARTKALLISTA - author's decorative paintings made in the genre of panels, using numerous decorative materials and pastes; these paintings have a textured surface dominated by metallized and gold pigments, as well as pure color; the works themselves are filled with intriguing authorial meaning and philosophy.

ARTKALLISTA is an example of modern innovation in the art world, which includes a complex multi-layered technique for creating works and a vivid subject composition. A well-known wisdom says that poems and paintings are good if they are able to move and captivate us. Sincerity, and in some places even naivety and spontaneity of ARTKALLISTA's works, make a strong impression on sophisticated viewers who perceive art with their soul and heart. These works are not only inspiring, but as if they help the wings to grow behind their backs. It is these feelings that make us stronger, help us move forward, inspiring new deeds and achievements.

- says Callista Ivanova herself. In her soul, Callista is a brave revolutionary, so she purposefully breaks the once created stereotypes and proves the opposite with her works, which are dominated by the emotions of kindness, splendor, luxury, beauty and happiness.

There is too much cruelty and negativity in the modern world, so it is important to be able to transform, find opportunities and tools in order to be filled with positive life energy, restoring strength for new achievements. With the help of the luxurious art of ARTKALLISTA, it becomes possible to open the wonderful gates to the world of happiness, love and miracles.

Everyone in childhood believed in miracles and magic, especially before the New Year.With growing up, there comes an understanding of how much this magic is lacking in real life, how necessary and important it is for believing in yourself and your strength. In everyday life, many put on the mask of a confident and arrogant individual, but in the depths of their souls the dream remains, even for a moment to see and feel a magical, beautiful dream.

The art of ARTKALLISTA will help you to feel the beauty and magic in reality. In these works, one can feel some kind of abstract, fabulous, somewhere surrealistic euphoria: highlighted faces, like an untreated nugget of gold; bright flower buds; sensual lips; feminine bodies and accented eyes do not leave the viewer indifferent. The understanding comes that apparent simplicity is only the first superficial impressions, followed by a deep philosophical meaning.

Not every artist is able to feel the purity of color so subtly and so boldly use it in his works. Callista Ivanova, creating works with the help of pure color, thus translates and cultivates the author's light ideals and thoughts, promotes them into the consciousness of a person.

Today ARTKALLISTA Style is not only luxurious author's paintings, but also fashionable prints, jewelry and sculptures. I would like to separately note the unusual sculptural compositions in the ARTKALLISTA style, which embody the author's works of art, demonstrating wealth, status and splendor. The amazing artist Callista takes images from canvas and transforms them into extraordinary modern sculptural masterpieces. Sculptures in the ARTKALLISTA style can be made in almost any size and in any color solution, it all depends on the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Once, having seen with my own eyes works in the style of ARTKALLISTA, it is difficult to erase them from memory, voluntarily or involuntarily returning thoughts to these enchanting images. With courage, sincerity and unconditional sensuality, the art of ARTKALLISTA Style wins the hearts of the audience. This is a kind of rebellion and appeal: to be different from everyone else, not to be afraid of anything, to go towards your goals and bright victories, to love and enjoy life no matter what.

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The wonderful art of ARTKALLISTA

Gold metallic relief images, contours, details, elements and bodies; clean, bright colors; textured surface and elements of a neo-surreal direction are creating slowly but steadily a school / movement in contemporary art, this of Kallista Ivanova, known globally as ARTKALLISTA.

ARTKALLISTA is a new direction in the world of contemporary art. A significant style extravaganza, unique in concept, an elaborate and spectacular separate kind of art, based on decoration, monumental art, applied art. The term ARTKALLISTA itself made up from the English: "art" and the Greek: "kallista" meaning the most beautiful of all) transliteration - beautiful art. This is an art that excites fantasies and pleases the eye; an art that guides and inspires; an art that demonstrates truth, feelings and cultivates love for the beautiful. The leitmotiv of artkallista is beautiful fantasies, love, feelings, beauty in all its aspects, naivete, wellness, confidence, comfort, respect, luxury and power. In the same time a sublime yet prominent surrealism is dominant at the first sight of her artworks, as satirical images and sarcasm are included in the works, but at the heart of them there are love, passion, beauty, strength, prosperity, power, respect, confidence and comfort.

Kallista Ivanova was born 1985 in Russia in the small town of Cheboksary in the Republic of Chuvashia. She has Russian and Armenian roots, grew up in a creative family. Her grandfather is a musician and great-grandfather Aidartsyan Khachatur Nikolovich is an artist. Kallista Ivanova has two higher educations. She is a participant and winner of many international art projects and art exhibitions. Kallista organized 5 large solo art exhibitions and participated in more than 30 art exhibitions. Kallista Ivanova is the author of a new direction in the world of contemporary art ARTKALLISTA STYLE. Art works in the style of ARTKALLISTA were exhibited in many countries: Russia, France, Monaco, India, Greece, Serbia, Denmark, Holland, Italy, China.

She creates luxurious copyrighted artwork, paintings, fashion prints, sculptures and jewelry. She lives and works in Russia and Greece.

Artworks ARTKALLISTA are for confident, successful and luxurious people who value inimitable style and beauty "My goal is to open the doors to the World of magical, beautiful art. My mission is that when a person looks at a picture he could read it like a thrilling book and explore the new aspects of art, so he could see beauty and get inspiration for new feats and deeds ", she says. "I believe that nothing is impossible and human possibilities are limitless. That is why you can feel courage, brightness and saturation in my works. This is a message and call not to be afraid of anything, to accomplish your goals no matter what. My principal goal is to give the viewers the shine of bright colors; to leave a legacy of magic and beauty in the world of art; to give not only external, but also inner beauty ".

The spirit of the new world

Seeing art works from Kallista Ivanova you will feel the unique style, the spirit of a new time and a new movement. Fantastic images and forms, sometimes childishly naive, but unforgettable and penetrating into the depths of the soul are created on the canvas.

Once you see this, you will want it more and more … the taste of sweet, beautiful and luxurious life. You will see and notice the fact that this is really something new in the art world; this is what has not been there yet: a new style, a new vision, new shades, an unusual technique, a modern philosophy of being. It is worthy of note that the artist Kallista Ivanova is an innovator in her work, and she is the ancestor of a new style and movement in the world of contemporary art.

Today ARTKALLISTA Style is not only picturesque paintings, but also fashionable prints, accessories, jewelry and sculptures.

The main distinguishing features of this art movement are varieties of acrylic painting and decorative art. The works are based on dimensional decorative elements, multiple layers, different details, bright and fresh colors, metallic and gold pigments. ARTKALLISTA works like a sculptor to create dimensional forms with the help of brushes and palette knives on canvas. The mix of deep meaning and aesthetic beauty truly makes such works masterpieces of modern art. Depending on the lighting such works are constantly changing their color composition, and this way the very image of the created works change as well. Paintings fascinate with a rich color palette and dimensional details. A subtle perception of beauty fills with powerful energy. This is something new, perfect and even naive … One can feel the trend of a new style, new wave, new time in this art movement.

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