Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the monument to Turgenev in Moscow
Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the monument to Turgenev in Moscow
Putin took part in the opening ceremony of the monument to Turgenev in Moscow

This 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the writer Ivan Turgenev. In connection with this event, various events are held, including the opening of the first monument to this literary figure within Moscow. The head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, took part in the opening ceremony on November 10.

At this opening ceremony of the monument, the President made a speech in which he noted that it is impossible to imagine Russian literature today without the works of this great writer. Vladimir Vladimirovich called all his literary works not only a national treasure, he believes that they are the property of the whole world. The monument to Turgenev will add to the number of sights in the capital.

The Russian head really liked the new monument, which was created by the people's artist and sculptor Sergei Kazantsev. They decided to portray the famous writer at the age of 30. Then Turgenev visited his mother's house, located on Ostozhenka. After his speech, Putin brought a bouquet of red roses to the monument.

Until that time, there was not a single monument to Turgenev in the Russian capital; only a bust of the famous writer could be seen near the library named after him. Now the monument is a part of the architectural and museum complex, which bears the name "Turgenev Quarter". This complex also includes the Turgenev House-Museum, a public garden and a backyard area, where the garden is spread out.

It is worth noting that the President also visited the Turgenev House-Museum, which opened after reconstruction. Together with him, Vladimir Medinsky, the minister of culture and Sergei Sobyanin, the Moscow mayor, took part in the excursion. This excursion was conducted by Evgeny Bogatyrev himself, the director of the house-museum. During it, he talked about the life of the writer, as well as the life of Turgenev's mother, who lived in this house in the 1840-1850s. The exposition of the museum has been updated. It added letters from Turgenev, autographs of the famous writer, the last lifetime portrait. In total, the collection of the museum was replenished by 1 thousand items, among which there are interior furniture items created at the time when Ivan Turgenev lived and worked.

This museum, dedicated to the Russian writer, is located on Ostozhenka. It was founded in 2007 and now the building where it is located is one of the cultural heritage sites of the Russian Federation.

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