"Take care of your hand, Senya!": How the legendary comedy about smugglers was filmed
"Take care of your hand, Senya!": How the legendary comedy about smugglers was filmed
Stills from the comedy of Leonid Gaidai The Diamond Arm

January 30 marks 93 years since the birth of the famous director Leonid Gaidai… "Operation Y" and "Prisoner of the Caucasus", "12 chairs" and "Sportloto-82" … All his works were received with enthusiasm by the audience, and they replenished the piggy bank of Soviet cinema. Today we will remember how one of the most successful films was shot director - "The Diamond Arm". So, during the work among the film crew, there was a rumor that Nikulin had died, and many other curiosities happened …

Motor ship `Pobeda` for filming for 1 day was renamed` Mikhail Svetlov` `Mikhail Svetlov`

The news that Yuri Nikulin had died flew around the hotel where the film crew lived, after one of the workers found the actor's body covered with a sheet in the basement. Numb with fear, the woman was afraid to approach him. Later it turned out that it was a specially prepared dummy for the episode where Gorbunkov falls out of the helicopter. By the way, the main role was originally written "under" Yuri Nikulin, the creators were sure: they could not find a better embodiment of the image of a simpleton who became a participant in the machinations of smugglers. In addition to Nikulin, his wife (guide) and son (a boy who “walked on water”) appeared in the comedy.

- Maybe while a glass of wine? - It would be nice … beer. - N-no! Only wine! I'm not guilty! He came himself!

Interestingly, the idea of ​​transporting jewelry in plaster was borrowed from a newspaper article about a similar case (the Swiss came up with such a sophisticated way of transporting prohibited valuables). Filming of "foreign" scenes took place in Baku, so they solved a difficult task - to show Soviet viewers an exotic country. A scene of the fall of the main characters was filmed in one of the old courtyards of Baku. Mironov slipped very naturally the first time, but Nikulin did not succeed in this trick. We took off many takes, tried banana peel and watermelon rind, but to no avail. So in the film, instead of Nikulin, an understudy, Leonid Kanevsky, falls.

With a slight movement of the hand, trousers are transformed … Trousers are transformed … Into elegant shorts. Sorry, little technical problem Andrey Mironov as Kozodoev

In general, Nikulin got it during the filming. In the scene with the awakening of a drunk Gorbunkov, it was originally planned to use a painting. She had to effectively fall on the hero, waking him up. Several takes were unsuccessful, and it was decided to put an alarm clock in my wife's hands. But in the finale there is a vivid episode when the crane lowers Gorbunkov into the car, and he painfully hits the hook with his head. Unfortunately, the blow happened by accident, through the actor's negligence, but in the end it got into the film and became one of the memorable episodes.

Our people don't take a taxi to the bakery Shot from the movie The Diamond Arm

The hallmark of the film is, of course, the songs. However, few people know that the "Island of Bad Luck", beloved today, had every chance not to enter the picture, the artistic council took the comic song extremely negatively, and it was only Mironov's masterful performance that saved it. But the passionate song "The Volcano of Passions" was performed by Aida Vedishcheva according to the director's idea. Svetlana Svetlichnaya, who played the role of a girl of easy virtue, took offense at Leonid Gaidai for this for a long time.

Tsigel, tsigel, ah-lu-li! Shot from the movie The Diamond Arm A film about the incredible adventures of Semyon Gorbunkov

Censorship did not pass the attention of the film either. For reasons of political correctness, the comedy did not include such phrases: "As the chief says, the main thing in our business is socialist realism" and "The party and the government were left for the second year." But the famous phrase of the house manager Ivy in the original version sounded like "I would not be surprised if your husband secretly visits the synagogue!"

Advertising of the new comedy by Eldar Ryazanov

Many funny stories happened during the work on legendary comedy "Operation Y" and other adventures of Shurik ".

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