Nikita Mikhalkov urged to revoke Russian citizenship for calling for sanctions against Russia
Nikita Mikhalkov urged to revoke Russian citizenship for calling for sanctions against Russia
Nikita Mikhalkov urged to revoke Russian citizenship for calling for sanctions against Russia

Recently, an interview with the famous actor and director Nikita Mikhalkov appeared on the Russia 24 YouTube channel, in which he called on people who are calling for the introduction of new sanctions against Russia to deprive them of citizenship.

The filmmaker said that he believes that Russian lawmakers should return the article on deprivation of citizenship, and this will be an effective measure in the fight against people who have resorted to protests, calling for sanctions. Mikhalkov agreed that there is corruption in Russia, but stressed that it is necessary to fight it in a civilized manner, and not destroy the country.

At the same time, Nikita Sergeevich pointed out that if such an article is returned and begins to be applied, then it is necessary to strictly monitor so that there is no abuse of this punishment or the suppression of statements disagreeing with the official point of view. According to the director, in this way you will be able to avoid imprisonment of people, exile in camps and continuous, as he put it, "stinking into the space of the country."

Mikhalkov did not fail to recall the philosophical steamer - the collective name of 2 voyages, which at one time transported to Stettin from the northern capital of Russia about 200 representatives of the intelligentsia, who were expelled from Russia. But at the same time they were not shot or sent to prisons. "And Bunin, and Shmelev and Ilyin and so on … They physically lost their homeland, but created the greatest emigre literature," Mikhalkov recalled.

It is worth noting that earlier Nikita Mikhalkov has repeatedly declared his sincere support for the President of Russia and loyalty to him. He promised, as soon as the opportunity presented itself, to give Putin a book about the Mikhalkov family.

Mikhalkov's statement was criticized by the well-known TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Pozner. He appeared on the air of the NSN and said that Mikhalkov's call for the deprivation of citizenship of those who call on other states to impose sanctions against Russia is "shameful."

Posner said that he and Mikhalkov had developed their own relationship, so he prefers not to comment on the director's statements. But talk about citizenship, according to Posner, is already beyond the bounds, since a person receives citizenship automatically at birth. Of course, if you wish, you can renounce citizenship, but deprivation of citizenship was possible only in the USSR. Pozner emphasized: “I consider any movement in this direction shameful for Russia. By this statement Mikhalkov, of course, pulls Russia in the days of the USSR."

Not so long ago, Pozner made a statement that Nikita Mikhalkov, in his show "Besogon", manipulates the minds of the audience.

Recall that in the recent release of his program, Mikhalkov told how much the actors who supported the protests earn. In particular, he stated that the actors and Pavel Derevyanko receive hundreds of thousands of rubles in just one day of filming.

“Luxurious, beautiful, charming Alexandra Bortich. Why are you, Sasha, forcing young people and children to go to the barricades?"

According to Mikhalkov, the shooting day of Pavel Derevyanko is 300,000 rubles at all, so the famous director wondered why the actor, in this situation, decided to support the protesters, which he lacks.

Representatives of the actors refused to give any comments to the media about Mikhalkov's revelations.

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