Eurovision organizers threaten Russia and Ukraine with sanctions
Eurovision organizers threaten Russia and Ukraine with sanctions
Eurovision organizers threaten Russia and Ukraine with sanctions

A message appeared on one of the foreign portals in which Frank-Dieter Freiling says that Ukraine and Russia can be fined by the European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the famous Eurovision music contest. The reason for the imposition of the fine is the failure of these countries to comply with the charter of this international music competition.

On the part of Ukraine, according to Freiling, the violation is that a ban was imposed on the entry into the country of Yulia Samoilova, who was chosen to represent the Russian Federation in the current 2017. Such actions of Kiev are a gross violation of the charter of the competition. Freiling did not forget to remind that Volodymyr Groisman, who holds the post of Ukrainian Prime Minister, promised that absolutely all contestants will be able to participate in the semifinal and final, which will be held in Kiev.

The representative of the European Broadcasting Union also spoke about the violations by the Russian Federation. Not a single representative of this country took part in the meetings that were held on the eve of the competition in Kiev. Such actions are also a violation of the Eurovision charter.

The members of the European Broadcasting Union are planning to discuss the imposition of sanctions on these countries on June 12, since their next meeting is scheduled for this very date. Freiling is fully confident that both Russia and Ukraine will be punished, but he cannot say for sure how serious it will be. It is possible that a fine will be chosen as a punishment. Also, the representative of the union is considering the option of removing the guilty from participating in a music competition for three years at once.

The semi-finals of the prestigious music competition will be held on May 9 and 11 in Kiev. The final will take place in the same city on May 13th. Samoilova, a representative from Russia, will not be able to take part in it, as the Ukrainian authorities banned her from entering the Ukrainian territory because in 2015 the singer visited the Crimean peninsula. Konstantin Ernst, who is the general director of Russia's Channel One, said that she had already been invited to take part in the competition in 2018.

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